Is there an English translated Manufacturer's website?
I am interested in a 211/845 model but can not find a Manufacturer website nor instruction on how to set the Tube bias.
I did find a useless Pdf. instruction manual
Thanks for your help Audiogon members.
Try contacting Stephen Monte at Quest for Sound. He might be able to help. (They aren't autobias???)
S - I looked at the owner's manual PDF for the 211. There is a drawing at the end or very near it that shows multimeter/bias setting. Also, on one of the review sites (6 Moons?; I'd have to recheck...was looking at it this AM) there is a photo of the bias setup as well as voltage setting w/reference to tube rolling. Not sure how pertinent the 211 info is for the 845. Looks like they run different tube complements.

Usually Stephen is very good replying. Hope he is OK. I have not heard from him in quite sometime, myself.
Look at the picture on page 4 of the manual. You need a voltmeter. It should read 4.8 VDC.
Great amps BTW.