Consonance / Opera Audio CD120 with tubes?? Help

I have an opportunity to buy a Consonance CD120 with tubed output stage. I can find literature about the CD120 Linear, which is completely solid-state, but can't find any info on the tubed version. It is Chinese made, but I have read good things about other Consonance/Opera Audio CD players & DACs. Any help? Thanks.
Check to see if it is the 2.2 Linear with the tube output. I don't believe that a CD120 Linear with tube output was ever made.
That's the crazy thing: on the front of the unit it reads "CD120 Tube Output CD Player", which is repeated on the back panel. It has tube vent holes on the top of the unit, and has true balanced and RCA outputs. I can't find anything online about it. Maybe a prototype for the 2.2 Reference??
Ask Trelja for the best answer.
The Agon partner "Quest for Sound" carries Consonance Stephen Monte is the prop..
Also search "Opera-audio as in Opera/Consonance the Chinese site translated for Great Britian should be out in the ether.
I was previously the importer/distributor for Opera Audio/Consonance in the North American market.

The model being discussed here is the CD120T, and was a North American specific component. You will find no information on this model on the company's website, only the one that I maintained. There were also matching A150 Linear solid state power and hybrid integrated amplifiers produced, with full tube pre, power, and integrated amplifiers on the horizon. When I terminated the venture with Consonance, the entire project evaporated.

The lower cost of the Linear style chassis allowed me to put some sort of buttress up against the rapidly appreciating cost of the products, due to various factors, while still delivering equivalent sonics and what I considered to be superior looks (obviously, a subjective thing). The end goal being to bring what I believe to be a more competitive product into the market.

Internally, the machine is identical to the current iteration of the Reference CD2.2 MKII. As such, it's quite a nice sounding CD player. Externally, again, it emulates the aesthetic of the Linear line, which I preferred to the Reference Series. Retail price was $1995, as compared to the $995 CD120 Linear.

The problems you're likely to encounter with a Consonance CD player have already been fleshed out quite well in other threads, both here and on other websites.