Could this be the next Frank Sinatra?

I've heard a lot of Sinatra wannabes, but this 16-year old sounds more like "Ole blue eyes" than anyone I've heard.

"For crying out loud, the kid is only 16. I'm referring to his distinctive voice, how very similar it is to Sinatra.”

No, it’s not. Nothing that I heard, based on your link, is even remotely reminiscent of Sinatra. With a lot of work...maybe Jim Nabors.
First off there's more to Frank then his voice. No one ever has had the phrasing of Frank. I think that was key. His timing was impeccable. He worked with arranges that worked with him. He was a prick and a bully we all know that he wasn't easy, but the proof was in the pudding. Him and Ella were one of a kind. I wish I could say the is another but that would be a lie.
I can't listen to this until I get home from work to judge but I saw on Youtube a 15 year old kid who sounded eerily like Johnny Cash singing Ring of Fire. It was on Good Morning America. Worth a listen.
The kid shows some promise, he has a good tonality to his voice. He needs to develop more emotion and hopefully as he ages he doesn't lose what he has now. As we age our voice changes and he may just be in a short window of the best he has to offer or he may just be getting started. I saw the kid with the Johnny Cash voice and he was very good and a deep voice for a kid that age, but again will it gain or lose with age. I can't tell you all the things I have lost with age.....mostly because I can't remember what it was I had! But the next Sinatra or Cash? No, we only got one of each. But they could make a living as impersonators, look at all the Elvis impersonators that make or supplement a living.