Could this be the next Frank Sinatra?

I've heard a lot of Sinatra wannabes, but this 16-year old sounds more like "Ole blue eyes" than anyone I've heard.

Not even in the ballpark. For 16 he has some talent but control, not so much.
there's possibility's here but unfortunately everything is looks today. He has an idea how to sing a song. That's more than I can say for most of the so called pop stars of today.
I'm not talking about his talent or his lack of control. For crying out loud, the kid is only 16. I'm referring to his distinctive voice, how very similar it is to Sinatra. Give the kid some more time to mature. Does anyone have a recording of Sinatra when he was 16 for comparison?
Boring as hell. He doesn't seem to understand the lyrics - Sinatra does. He might mature but I doubt it.
"For crying out loud, the kid is only 16. I'm referring to his distinctive voice, how very similar it is to Sinatra.”

No, it’s not. Nothing that I heard, based on your link, is even remotely reminiscent of Sinatra. With a lot of work...maybe Jim Nabors.
First off there's more to Frank then his voice. No one ever has had the phrasing of Frank. I think that was key. His timing was impeccable. He worked with arranges that worked with him. He was a prick and a bully we all know that he wasn't easy, but the proof was in the pudding. Him and Ella were one of a kind. I wish I could say the is another but that would be a lie.
I can't listen to this until I get home from work to judge but I saw on Youtube a 15 year old kid who sounded eerily like Johnny Cash singing Ring of Fire. It was on Good Morning America. Worth a listen.
The kid shows some promise, he has a good tonality to his voice. He needs to develop more emotion and hopefully as he ages he doesn't lose what he has now. As we age our voice changes and he may just be in a short window of the best he has to offer or he may just be getting started. I saw the kid with the Johnny Cash voice and he was very good and a deep voice for a kid that age, but again will it gain or lose with age. I can't tell you all the things I have lost with age.....mostly because I can't remember what it was I had! But the next Sinatra or Cash? No, we only got one of each. But they could make a living as impersonators, look at all the Elvis impersonators that make or supplement a living.
Sinatra,s sound was laid back and cool, not disinterested and sedate. This kid sounds more like Crash Test Dummies.
At the age of 16 it's hard to find or show much in emotion when you haven't lived much to know it.
No I certainly think not, and wouldn't it be nice if people just stopped with the, could this be the next "you fill in the blank". There will never be another Frank Sinatra, he was a legend and will always be with me. I hear this all the time in sports too, here is a clue for all of you that always look for the next "whoever" Babe Ruth,Mickey Mantle, Joe Dimaggio, Gordie Howe, Joe Montana, Frank Sinatra, Jimi Hendrix will never be replaced, they were who they were. When Frank Sinatra hit the scene did people say "hey this Frank Sinatra kid, he is going to be the next "you fill in the blank again", no I don't think so. There now I feel better, where are those meds??


Every performer is different, there can never be another Sinatra.
It did seem he struggled a bit playing and singing. As many have said give him time to mature, then judge him.
Ya, you guys are right. There will NEVER be another Harry Conni... errrrrr Frank Sinatra. EVER!
For those who want to compare, here is a rendition of "My one and only" recorded by Frank in 1953. He was 38 years old.

Sherod, Thanks very much for posting that! Tho, my heart still beats for the Nancy Wilson version.
Just a shout out for the version of Sinatra's My Way by Sid Vicious as heard on the Soundtrack of Goodfellas, at closing credits.
Actually, I don’t think this is a song that truly showcases Sinatra’s talent.
Who said it showcased Sinatra's talent? I agree, though, that Sinatra had many other songs which would better showcase his talent. I can think of eleven on my favorite list:

1. I've Got You Under My Skin
2. Strangers in the Night
3. That's Life
4. Fly Me to the Moon
5. Come Fly with Me
6. My Way
7. The Way You Look Tonight
8. Theme from New York New York
10.Night and Day
11.Summer Wind
A Sinatra and Jobim collaboration turned out a very nice album. Another one to check out.
Hi Sherod

I'll concede I hear a little bit of Sinatra not that he reminds me in any way to Sinatra but beyond that....

His rendition of this classic is purely karaoke.

His singing is very strident, no real emotion or connection, at least I didn't feel connected in any way. I really don't get that he has any real talent to go beyond where he is. He can sing reasonably well, thats all. Listen to Judy Garland at 15 or Christine Aguliera at 11, now thats talent!

I'm not even sure he would make it to Hollywood on American Idol. Another Sinatra? There will never be another Sinatra, Fitzgerald, Houston, Vaughn, Cole, Cash. It they are ever so great to be in the company of the above they will be known as who they are and not compared to anyone as DWR notes.

At least Harry Connick Jr. can really play piano!

P.S. I listened to the Sinatra version at 38. It make the above case readily apparent doesn't it?

My wife, who is an amateur singer thought my above assessment was a bit too harsh. She thought the kid really has a nice voice. When I had her listen to the Sinatra version at 38 she was emphatic in stating what are you going to do, compare a 38 year old professional to a 16 year old that probably doesn't have the vocal training, the producers and the benefits that an established professional has. She likes the kid and her assessment is without the influence of this thread. Maybe she has a point.
Perhaps I was overly harsh too. I guess it hit a little nerve with me. Certain iconic figures, ranging from Hitler to Jordan are used too frequently for comparisons, IMO. There are probably many established singers that Sherod could have used that wouldn’t have received such a negative response. But when one compares anybody to Sinatra or Jordan or Einstein, that person needs to be something very special right now. I don’t expect the boy to perform with Sinatra’s maturity, but I need to see some indication, in his style and connection to the music, that he is on the road.
Tubegroover, you have a very astute wife. (o:

Phaelon, my comparison was intended particularly towards the voice tonality and timbre of Sinatra, not to Sinatra's style and connection to the music. Those two traits will require some maturity on the kid's part. Only time will tell.
Sherod, even in regards to tonality and timbre, I can’t seem to hear what you’re hearing. But if I did, I’d be sharing it with Audiogon just like you are, and getting whacked by guys who didn’t hear it. Thank you for sharing.
I'm thinking that maybe I should have started this thread with something like, "Check out this youtube of a 16-year old kid with a Sinatra-esque voice". Maybe I wouldn't have been hammered as much myself. Even insinuating that he could be the "next" Sinatra certainly ruffled a lot of feathers. I also agree that there never will be another Sinatra. Sorry, this wasn't my intention. By the way, this youtube has gone viral and the kid has just completed his first album.
He's only 16?!?

The negativity on this thread is unbelievable. I guess he should just pack it up and go work for McDonald's instead. He has no shot.
Keithr, I hear you but haven't you noticed a pretty tough crowd hang out in this neck of the woods. Some of us were pretty hard on the boy for sure but I suspect as Sherod himself noted the title more than the talent of the lad was the cause for the backlash. in retrospect I was indeed over the top with my critique.
"I guess he should just pack it up and go work for McDonald's instead"

I agree, but if he tries really hard he might get singing job at cruise line or restaurant.