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Armboard for Rega on Kenwood kd 500
Cartridge for a vintage Sansui table/arm
Ed Saunders, red 
pure ipod dock
Put the pure in my car system and its even better then in the house. WOW. Running the video to my monitors killer 
Perfect Debute Albums
Yes those are cool too. 
Perfect Debute Albums
I started to write em down then read the list and you guy listed so.many great except The Blue Nile "Walk across the rooftops" one 5 top lps of all time. Pistols, Clash, Eel's, etc. 
$500 Digital Source to Complete $2K Bedroom System
Pure ipod dock N a 160gb ipod 
pure ipod dock
This is the best $100 I spent in years, except the fisher 500 I bought with 3 extra sets of brand new factory tubes for $40 at a garage sale. The video output is great too 
Vintage Amps - Pleasantly surprised
Heathkit A 151 smoldering good. 
Best SS preamp $1000
Klyne SK5A. KILLER PHONO and made like any $10,000 today. 
SACD player
A linn sc player is great at cd and sacd. It also does dvda. Google it 
pure ipod dock
Mcfly isn't that what I said. 
pure ipod dock
No it has its own dac. It also give you the option of toslink or coaxial to use your dac of choice. 
Could this be the next Frank Sinatra?
First off there's more to Frank then his voice. No one ever has had the phrasing of Frank. I think that was key. His timing was impeccable. He worked with arranges that worked with him. He was a prick and a bully we all know that he wasn't easy, b... 
Wadia 170i Ipod Dock Vs Onkyo ND S1 Ipod Dock
Just got the pure I20 dock and right out of the box it sounds great. Johnny Cash singing "solitary man" clean clear very cool. It makes my ipod more then a commuter toy.$100 win win. 
Spica TC-50 and amp advice
I gave my spicas to my sister with a onix 21 inter. It was a killer setup. I wish I had not. With a used lp12. Heaven