Coupling & De-coupling audio gear...


So, I’ve built a shelf for my modest TT in an effort to isolate it from floor vibrations - and to make it accessible.

i have also built a 40lb “sand box” - Russian Birch filled w sand - that sits between the TT and the shelf. 

The 40lb box rests on 4 sorbathane half spheres. The feet of the TT have been replaced by spikes that I machines which sit in aluminum discs that are between the spikes and the sand box. 

My my theory is this. The spikes will help move any unwanted “noise” from the TT into the box. The sorbathane will help to isolate the box/TT from external “noise”. 

When I built the box, I made provisions to physically attach the TT to the box with long screws that would be tightened at the TT and at both the top and bottom of the box. 


As I am listening to it, I’m finding greater detail, clarity and “imaging”. 

While I was doing this, I also made some “spikes” for my speakers. 

I machined some spikes, made bases out of Russian Birch (small sorbathane disk between two birch “pucks”). 

The stands are  nothing worth mentioning, but they are made of metal and have been filled with sand in an effort to make them “dead”

Curious what your experiences have been doing similar tweaks. 

Have a feeling no one thing is going to be a game changer, but all working together can have a positive effect. 


Bolting your TT to the box? You jest?
Try standing the TT on marbles in tiny cups.
So, the box is attached and becomes a plinth for the TT?
It would be good to know what TT you have and whether it has a suspension or a solid body plinth. 
@noromance No, I'm not kidding. By bolting the sandbox to the TT - a Clearaudio Concept - I am increasing the effective mass by 40lbs. I have built in copper tubes in the box to allow for 6" 6mm threads to pass through the box in order to anchor it to the box in a solid manner.

The question had to do with coupling vs decoupling. 

Your post had nothing to do with either as far as explaining what would or wouldn't help in this regard.

@lowrider57  Yes indeed! That was my plan. It is a Clearaudio Concept and is a solid body plinth which is why I feel it would benefit from such a modification. Thoughts?


The reason for my incredulity was that bolting the box to the turntable overrides the decoupling efforts of the spikes.
One of the current thoughts on decoupling while sinking noise is with marbles, ball bearings. Perhaps I am not understanding your configuration and a photo would help.