Creedence Clearwater Revival 45 rpm Vinyl reissues

I recently purchased two of the new Analogue Productions CCR 45 rpm 180 gram vinyl sets. They include the best songs from Cosmo's Factory and (2) songs from there first record that includes "Susie-Q" originally released in 1968. I played both 12" 45 records at least twice and compared them to some original fantasy vinyl records I have in my collection and the results were quite interesting.
In general both CCR 45 reissues sounded very good to excellent with the first record that included "I put a spell on You" and "Susie-Q" being sonically superior to the songs from the Cosmo's factory. The AP 45 rpm of "Susie-Q" was sonically better compaired to the (2) original vinyl pressings I have of this record with the reissue having greater power and presence. The 45 also had more impact with a certain solidarity to the music than the two originals I had. Both of my 33 1/3 originals and 45 reissues had excellent detail but the bass on the 45 rpm was more defined, faster and reached further down than the two original lp's.The sound the AP 45 reissue was rich and full with greater intensity in the playing as Fogerty never sounded as good. In conclusion this disc of two songs was the best I have every heard CCR and is a real winner.

The (3) songs from the 45 rpm Cosmo's Factory were musically excellent but sonically inferior to the other 45 listed above. In this case I had a slight preference for my original 33 1/3 blue label fantasy Cosmo's Factory than the 45 reissue. I thought this to be a bit strange since the cosmo lp came out two years after there debut album but for some reason (the master tape I suspect) songs like "Lookin Out My Back Door" and " I heard It Through The Grapevine" were not as intense or as dynamic as my original pressing or the other AP 45 noted above. The best songs from Cosmo's Factory 45 were full body and had good detail but lacked the intensity and forcefulness of the other recordings. Still rated alone this Cosmo 45 rpm is very good sounding disc but I must have got spoiled listening to "I put A Spell on You" and "Susie-Q" on 45 which are extraordinary.

My front end consists of Basis 2500 signature, Vector M-3 tone arm, Benz LP cart and Steelhead phono stage.

If anyone else has purchased other 45 CCR reissues give us your impressions. I believe there are (7) 45 rpm titles and I only sampled (2) of them but based on my listening sound quality does vary from title to title as some are better than others. I was also very impressed with the 180 gm vinyl on this set as it was dead quiet and played mint and had no noise issues at all. With the lead in and lead out groves I could hear all of the quiet passages of music with fine detail and clarity like you would hear on a master tape and it appears Acoustic Sounds did a fine job with the mastering but they have no control of the quality of the master tape which I suspect is it's only limiting factor for the Sonics of these 45 reissue sets.

I sampled the CCR1 Release Suzie Q, And I Got A Spell On You.WOW! IS ALL i CAN SAY ABOUT THIS ONE.Talk about deep powerful tight bass on both songs simply amazing.AlSO the deep full cord structure is heard and felt in the electric guitars.I never experienced that from an LP.Yes a live concert,But not off an LP.
My mother is visiting me from Calif. and at 72 Years old I saw her tapping her foot,and getting ready to dance.She loved it and is not an Audiophile by any standard,but I did remember she liked CCR IN THE 70's.
We were both ready to rock.What a sight that would be.
My wife told me to turn it down,But when she leaves to go grocery shopping guess what I'm going to do?Turn it way up of course.
i'm ready to buy the complete set now.
My turntable is VPI MK3 with Morch UP-4 Arm with Silver Internal Wire,Grado Reference Phono Cartridge the $1,200.00 model ,plus Kimber Silver AG Tonearm Kable.