Criminy, I've reached 300 threads

Jumpin' Jehosephat - I just noticed I'm now on 300 threads! (Where are my publishing royalties?!) And this in only about a year and a half - but I know there are those of you out there, to whom I pale in comparision. Let's hear your count from all the 'Goners in the over-300 club!
Over 600 threads if you count my personal moniker, Abstract7, before I started the commercial moniker which I use now. But that has been over 2.5 years or more. There are others that I'm sure will be well into 4 digits.
My count is currently 647, since March 2002. But I have less than half of some others.
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Twl, over 600 since March of this year? AGon ought to hire you as a full time contributor ;^)
EEK!!! I am with Bob. I count 1775 for me. Woops, this thread is 1776!! (Very patriotic !!)

Glad I have a secondary system in my home office on the opposite wall as this computer.
...Better make that the Way-Over-300 Club!
(Now I feel like I've been slacking...)
63 threads initiated, 500 answered. Oh, and of course my opinion is 100% valuable and correct. Always. hehehehe
I'm working on enough threads to make a doily.When I get there I plan to use it on top of my dac for improved sound. Can't afford Shun Mook.
Can't believe it...I started this thread in October, and now I've just crossed over the 500 mark...I think I may need to reexamine my priorities...
I guess I'm still in the top three: +800. But then, I've been around for some time (~2yrs?).
If you think reaching three hundred threads feels good, wait till you get to 300 feedback points. That's 100 positive transactions for all the new folks.
Um, I hate to have to ask this Glen, but you *are* saying that having engaged in one hundred Audiogon transactions is a *good* thing?
I just looked it up (didn't even know it was there) and then just had a brain fart. I think it was something like 550 +/-.
Just realized that my 1113 total now shown is just the # of THREADS not the total # of POSTS. Geeeez-Louise I really do need to get out more!
Since returning from CES I've been overwhelmed with both business and personally obligations.

Threads? 993, counting this one. Like Bob Bundus, I have no idea how many posts.
Good point about the posts, Bob. Next - words?!

And when one speaks of "ahsters", it certainly behooves one to spell 'peninsula' they way you have... ;^)
GOD, I gotta get typing. 7 reviews, 44 threads initiated, 139 replys. I must be just a babe in the woods.

Happy Listening.
Zaikesman- I guess I need to stop doing this after midnight!
And this being a "G"-rated site.
What is the difference between a thread and a post again? Has anyone seen Sean I bet he could answer this queston :^)

Threads are what cotton shirts are made of.

A post is something that you hit really hard at full speed if you are Whiley Coyote!


Recently doubled the total I started this thread with...too bad I can't update the title... :-)
I think the moderator should be able to do it if you ask...

Your Friendly Local Neighborhood Computer Engineer,
This thread still has a pulse? I haven't been in the forums for awhile. Sure feels good taking a breather if only for one day. See you guys in another month or so :^(
Passed 700 a while ago, 300 just a speck in the rearview (but I've slowed up the pace lately)...