CS Port Phono Stage

Hi is anybody familiar/heard/own the CS Port Phono Stage as per link below.

What were/are your impressions of it?

What did you compare it to?

I currently own an AN Japan M7 silver sound, and have on loan a Pass Labs XP-25 which I am enjoying and like the detail, dynamics, sound staging and neutrality etc but just need a bit of the 'joie de vivre' that the AN has. 

Any actual knowledge/experience based input would be appreciated.



@sksos I understand you maybe able to assist with my post regarding the CS Port Phono Stage.

Hi there,  you would probably get a faster reply by contacting Steve Klein directly at soundsofsilence.com

Also, there are numerous postings by Mike Lavigne, who is an owner of this phonostage, on the What’s Best Forum.

Good luck in your research.