Cullen or Audio Envy PC?

I need power cords for the DAC and amp in my headphone rig and thinking either Cullen Crossover or Audio Envy OE-Lite and/or Ocean Elite.  Thoughts from people who’ve used these or maybe others?  I’m looking for a very neutral and natural presentation with excellent soundstage properties, and budget is around $175 (or less) for each cord, and used would be ok too.  Thanks!



I suggest you try the Fina PC from Zavfino. This cord should trump both Cullen and AE. I have past experiences with both Cullen and AE and there is no contest when it comes to natural and overall balanced presentation with Zavfino PC’s. And Zavfino’s build quality is stupendously good! 

Thanks @lalitk — while I’d definitely put these on the shortlist for my big rig, it’s a bit more than I’d like to spend on my headphone setup, especially since I need two PCs.  Between the Cullen and AE do you have any thoughts/feedback or other suggestions?  Thanks again.

Highly recommend Cullen. Own and beats also owned Audioquest, Signal, Pangea at similar price points to my ears (note I’m talking about AQ that costs similar to Cullen, not Hurricane or Dragon stuff). Construction and connector quality is high at the price point. Sometimes takes several weeks to get but worth the wait. Sorry no experience with Audio Envy.


I would go with AE since they use OCC copper which is superior in transparency, has a better extension and naturalness (effortless) over OFC. But honestly, for a few dollars more you’re getting a much superior cable from Zavfino.