I need a company that can build chassis for me by special order, If anyone knows about someone that does that I would love to get some contact information to have some chassis built....I generally order them 10 - 20 at a time...............Thanks for any help...


Google "metal fabricators" in your area, then call and ask if they do small runs.

You'll need proper blueprints.

Mike:   I have tried everything to find one around here and there just isn't any....I had a great company in Wisconsin, but they are impossible to work with......I worked with them for 3 years but they have a manager with mental problems, so they won't do them.....I have had local people look at doing them but they don't have laser cutting equipment and the proper tools to do it, they would gladly do it otherwise.........

Sorry to hear about your shop locally & happy to see you got some more concrete recommendations. When you try to work with someone who isn’t solid and all there, IME it can be a very painful experience. (Probably it is for them, too, but the odds are, you will be left holding the bag.)

Not that audiophiles can't be a little neurotic, but I think we're talking a couple of steps beyond.

... and another that also seems to have good responses from custom chassis builders over at DIYAudio....


Thanks for all these chassis places, I have been contacting them, not found the right one yet...........But I am working with a few of them..............Will