Custom High End Active Desktop Speakers Crowd Funding Project


I’m doing a private preliminary crowd funding campaign for a pair of custom small active desktop speakers. No financial commitment is needed at this stage, just a feeling out process.

Would like to find a group of 10 - 20 people that would want high-end desktop speakers to match their MacBook’s or Windows based laptops, three colors to choose from (Silver, Space Grey or Midnight Blue) all are matched to MacBook colors.

There is a big emphasis here on aesthetics, currently a proprietary design thus it’s not a public campaign.


Fully active custom build system with active Cross-over and Dual Class A/B amp to drive each driver separately. Housed in a separate unit not inside the cabinet.

Woofer is 2”
Tweeter is 25mm

Closed cabinet non-ported design. Main objective here is less fatiguing sound, at such close listening range of 2-3 feet speakers must produce more of a laid back sound rather then boomy fatiguing sound usually associated with ported cabinet designs. Low-end frequencies can still be present there even with a 2” woofer; the only question is how loud are they vs. mid, high frequencies. Overall max sound volume is aimed at around 80db – 83db.

We are using highest quality components on this project from established brands with Neodymium based drivers, and discrete transistor based Class A/B amplification.

People behind the project have many years of expertise and experience in building speakers, crooss-overs, amplifiers, with proper measuring tools and analysis….

Our cost of components along is in the $1500 range.

Cost to participate is somewhere in the $3000 - $3500 range for one pair (no sub for this project).

Exact amount is based on how many people would want to participate, and the final choices we make on cabinet material and production method of the cabinet.

Interested parties please dm me or reply here.