Da Vinci Grand referenzza toneram

Did somebody heard the new Da Vinci tonearm and how does it compare to the old one and to toher competitors 5IKEDA, Schrôder, Graham etc)
We made a comparison with that one, but you know, the first one has a Termination box and the next one is 1 cable form the Headshell to the Preamp.
This Arm is unique, very musical and compared to similar Designs, this one sounds identical in various conditions even when you open the window ...
all the Arms above have their advantages in one or another direction, the DaVinci is unique from the Sonic presentation.
When you don't change carts every day and you spend more time with listening than adjusting and you can afford it, go for it.
It is really that good.
Thank you Thomasheisig,

I think I will choose this one for an overall musical presentation (and don't change carts every day...). What are the differences betwenn 9, 10 and 12 " ?
Do you think the Da Vinci can match with the Air Tight Cart ?
Perfect. What I really like with the DaVinci Arm: it is not sensitive to cartridges. I tried it with a few (from 4gr to 14gr) and every cartridge was optimal from it's sonic presentation.
The differences in lenght are a Theory you can read everywhere (higher mass, tracking etc.) but at the end of day it is a personal choice and what kind of TT you have.
I use the 10" Arm and I would buy it again.
With a Platine Verdier or something like that, I can imagine, that the 12" will be a interesting solution.
I have been interested in this arm as well, would go on
a Basis 2500. Just curious if any one knew is someone is
bringing this arm in the US right now. I know Highwater
Sound is not any longer.
Copy from their Website:

We are pleased to announce our distributor for:


Tangram Audio LLC.
3131 Piccolo St.
Pasadena California 91107
Phone +1 (626) 689-8904
Thanks for the info Thomas. I am so intriqued
by the arm, but there is a conservative side
of me that wants to hear from more owners experiences.
It would also be nice to be able to call a dealer,
and have him say " I carry brand X, but feel that
the DaVinci would be better for your Jade Platinum."
This all FWIW of course.
Thank you Thomas,

my TT is T-W Akustic Raven, driven by Air Tight ATM 3 ATE 2 ATH 2 with Kondo silver cables. Did you ever heard about HRS racks (I think of it only for my TT but 3300 $ ... I ask myself if it worth the buck
If you want something for under your TW. Silent Running Audio is the company you want to contact. The have a working relationship in developing a platfrom for under the TW.
OK thank you

a real temptation ! I think it can work fantastic, but so much expensive...
I have just ordered the new one from Sorasound. Will take a few weeks to arrive. I was planning to buy the Schroder initially, however, I have been trying to reach the Gentleman for over 6 months. He doesnt reply to emails, and there is just no way to contact him.

I cannot imagine what kind of service I will get if there was ever a problem or question with the arm.

So..... if my business is no good to him........I'll take the Da Vinci route. At least they're professional and reply to emails.