Dan D'agostino classic stereo amp + Dartzeel NHB-18NS

Hi everyone, would that combo give very good results ?
Any experience would be appreciated.

NHB-18NS’s while the output impedance was a high 2500 ohms at low and midrange frequencies, rising to 3080 ohms at 20kHz, the output impedance a little high for some power amplifiers.
The NHB is sort of like a highly glitzed up Lightspeed Attenuator, it’s output needs to see to see an input impedance of the poweramp to be at least 33kohm or higher. The input impedance of the D’agostino Classic Stereo power amp is 100kohm, so you have a great match. Should sound very good.

BTW: looks like a powerhouse amp. http://www.roksantrading.com.hk/upload/201601/06/201601061314126789.jpg

Cheers George

Dan D's "factory" (2 small store fronts) are about 1/2 mile from my house.   The door's always open for a 3 min. tour.
D’agostino Classic Stereo power amp
That amp would be great to drive the OP's Thiel 3.7 evil load with, should sound great.

Cheers George
Thanks George for your input, that's very hepful.
I'm pretty optimistic about the combination of these 2 components.
The NHB should bring a little bit of tube like warmth to the speed, transparency and slam of the D'agostino classic amp.
Thiel CS 3.7 needs smooth liquid sounding gear.
This combo should drive the 3.7s to their max potential.

tube like warmth
??? That means colouration to me. It should sound the most neutral, compared to others.
If it behaves anything like an LDR based passive volume control which it sort of is, it does have a small gain section which I believe can be switched out, then it should sound like a direct source to poweramp connection, a transparent and dynamic sound, with the least amount of colouration, given a great impedance match, that you have.

Cheers George
FWIW I mated a Krell Phantom two box pre with my  Agostino  momentum amp. Actually directed that way by a top Agostino guy that knows Krell inside and out. The 222 one box version would please as well. Really love the phantom pre. 
If you guys have any other preamp suggestions to go with the d'Agostino amp, i'm open.
I'm looking for a top notch combo under $50K to build my reference system that's why the Dartzeel will be hard to beat for the preamp part.
I am using an Absolare preamp with my Krell FPB 650 and its a match made in heaven.
The VAC Signature MKlla preamp with phone stage + D'agostino Classic amp.
What do you guys think about this combo ?
The Dartzeel not giving it's best in balanced mode i have to look for other options.
Dan D'agostino classic stereo amp + First Sound preamp anyone know about it ?
thieliste -

I have not seen you around the Thiel Owners thread lately?
Hope you are well. Give me an update?
Happy Listening!
I haven’t heard any of these preamps, so with that in mind, The ARC and VAC preamps are known for their transparency and articulation of transients. They may not be the best choices for taking the edge off your Thiels. They are very fine preamps, though, and maybe with the right tubes the VAC would work.

There are plenty of tube preamps that will soften the music a little and tube rolling can help you tune the sound (not with preamps that use the 6H30 tube though), but you’re shopping above my price range, so maybe someone else can give you more specific advice.