Daniel Pre-amp by Curcio

Has anybody out there built this pre-amp? What is your opinion and/or experience?
Actually, I've built 1 1/2 Daniels. Let me explain: I originally built the Daniel and used it for several years until I sold my Linn. This unit uses 6 tubes with 4 in the phono section. Since I was out of the phono game, I could not see using a six tube preamp while only listening to two tubes so I sold it. But I missed the sound so I built only the high level section in a Dynaco chassis using the tube rectifier. How does it sound? Well, I got fat and lazy about five years ago and had to have a remote control preamp. At the time it was wonderful and one of these days I may put it back in my system and check it out again. Hope this helps. Don
Thanks for the response. I will proceed with the resurrection of one that was given to me. (It's a bag of parts.) Did you use any sort of plug arrangement to connect the power supply chassis to the main chassis? Any thoughts on the layout suggested in the original article?