Dared sl-2000 preamplifier SET preamp tips tp

I have several very good preamplifiers Hot toddler a rogue Athena,
Older Modwright,and rogue metis and the little inexpensive Daredsl2000a.
I have found by putting a few $hundred dollars into it .being single ended
It picks up noise very easy.for starters run the cheap Chinese tubes
Just for the first 100 hours ,they replace with quality N.O.S tubes.
I use for the rectifier5y3 the Bendix6106 built like a tank ,great Bass control
And dynamics. The 12at7 many choices .i look for Black plates they are 50s stock mainly and sound a bit warmer such as the RCA ,or Sylvania
gold label triple mica I use.also for around $100 signal cable makes a great
High purity Copper Teflon power cord,.remove the fuse on back
Crappy steel fuse to a Hifituning Supreme. Herbies footers underneath
And Herbies tube dampers on tubes,$350 outlay do tubes first
Now I love the sonics and ask for matched ,low noise tubes.with at least a x30 day warranty. It is now a $2,000+ sounding pre.
I even heard a unit with Vishay .1 naked resistors,and Mundorf Silver oil
Capacitors another $300, he had a total of $950 invested and shocking
In many respects as good as the $4k rogue if not better. Hard to believe but true. If you don't put the money in you will Never hear this preamps potential. The Metis even with good tubes is not as musical once you
Put good tubes in ,a decent power cord is also a must Herbies do work.
I have a pair of the VP20s and am considering this pre to mate with them. That's why I read the thread, or should say tried to read the thread.

But I have no idea what you wrote above. Do you ever go back and read what you write before posting? You may be shocked.

If English is not your first language then I apologize. If English is your first language, you really should try a little harder.
What don't you understand? Spell check screws up words mant times and being tired I don't check text.
It's not your spelling it's basic grammar and also punctuation. Your post also features one of my least favorite writing trends the death of the paragraph. Sorry to pile on I know your post was well intentioned but it really is incredibly difficult to read.
What don't you understand?

I don't understand why you would go to the trouble of posting such elaborate opinions in such a poorly written fashion. You seem to have quite a bit to say about the SL2000. It's a shame you don't spend as much effort communicating your opinion on the amp as you did formulating that opinion.
The purpose of this forum is for members to relay their audio experiences. If you are too tired to take the time to write an understandable post maybe you should take a nap first and try when you're refreshed.
If you don't understand then just look at the parts used,that is what is needed to make this little single ended preamp shine even against some
Much more expensive company. In this case vs the competition you
Would have to spend $3-4k to get a preamp that has comparable
Parts quality listed above and still both would sound different. For this dual Triode
12at7 based in put stage to the 5y3 rectified tube section gives excellent
Dynamics and Bass control.the E-core transformer actually is a pretty good Silicon Steel .the 12at7 Triode has very good linearity and control and imaging,compared to say a 6sn7 tubes which may be a richer more airy sound stage. Your amplifier,and speakers will dictate what type of preamplifier is best for your particular situation.i have been rolling tubes
For over 30 years.i still have a tube integrated amp, and solid state seperate amplifier .I find the Wyred4 Sounds Mamp - MK-2 in the stereo version
Dual mono in the same chassis sounds very good with tubes and runs cool.