DarTZeel BNC Zeel 50 ohms Cables

Curious as to whether anyone has compared the original darTZeel 50 ohm darT-to-Zeel BNC cables with the Evolution Acoustics 50 ohm BNC cables. Any noticeable sonic differences? 

I'd also appreciate any views on whether BNC is the optimal connection between NHB-18NS (MK2) and NHB-108 (MK2).

Many thanks



The EA cables are considered the best although stuff. No experience, but have read enough posts to accept it as fact from owners. 

good question I have had both but at different times so have no idea of the difference.  I have the EV cable at this time. I would like to hear another cable but don't want to make a lateral move and waste the money. I did change the stock neutrik umbilical out recently and there was a nice upgrade in clarity