Dartzeel nhb 108 Model 2

I have the Dartzeel model 1. with no upgrades. How does the Model 2 compare. Analysis please from current owners


I had a Dartzeel  Model 1 (B) that did not have the SNCP upgrade. I now have a model 2 (bought used) connected to my VTL TL7.5 III preamp and using my Yamaha NS-2000 speakers

The difference is huge. Lows were much better, deeper, tighter and drums became much more life like. The highs have more air and separation around them.

Music on the model 2 also sounds fuller and richer at lower listening levels - My wife doesn't yell at me as much.

I'm lousy with all the descriptive sound-speak, and the Model one sounds great, but but the Model 2 is just on its own higher plane. It's not even close

You can buy a Chinese copy of version 1  [Weiliang/Breeze Audio Version 3] which has been upgraded with an option of 4 output transistors per channel for improved dynamics,articulation and bass control.For the little they cost it would be a cheap investment to see if it does sound better.I have one and it sounds superb.