David Foster-Off The Record

I just saw a great documentary on Netflix I’d like to highly recommend, it’s called “David Foster - Off The Record.”  While I love listening to music, all I ever really cared about was the Album or Song title and the Artist(s) who performed them.  The songwriter or especially the producer rarely, if ever, entered the equation.  Watching this movie was hugely informative and entertaining, I had no idea he was the producer for so many of the huge stars from the period shortly after The Beatles arrived on scene to the very recent past. I’m not going to spoil it by naming names, suffice it to say most were mega stars, and intertwined in their stories is his remarkable life story, and some behind the scenes stories in the music biz, too.  This movie should be on every music lovers short list.  Unless of course you already know all about him and the stars he created, then never mind.


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Thanks Bob. I may check this out. In a documentary about Chicago from a few years back (it first aired on CNN, I believe) they gave Foster some airtime and from that, I got an appreciation for his talents.