dcc2 owners: has anyone regretted the purchase?

I am close to deciding to getting a Emmlabs dcc2 and was wondering whether anyone has regretted buying the dcc2?

If so, please explain.

If not, could you tell me what combination the dcc2 replaced?

I have a BATVK51SE preamp I would be replacing.

Thanks for the assistance
I love my DCC2 - it is amazing...but it is a different animal then the Bat VK-51SE (which I have also owned). The DCC2 is about beauty, low level detail out the wazoo, and resolution but is does not gie you that monsterous sound stage or bloom that the BAT does. I greatly prefer the DCC2, especially at lower listening levels, but I could see how one would love the BAT....especially when things get big and loud (Like orchestra music). The DCC2 also has better bass contorl, but the BAT has alot of slam!!! I should note taht I am compaing the BAT + an Esoteriec DV-50 to the DCC2 so it may not be a completly fair comparison. I hope that helped. To answer your question..I love my DCC@ though and would not trade it for anything I have yet heard!!

I am also a former BAT owner(though not the VK-51se, but they do have a "house" sound), I enjoyed owning there products and always felt they were musically satisfing. The DCC2 presents the music in a more natural way, it doesn't have the slight coloration that I have experienced with BAT gear. Dan his nailed it with resolution and detail, the DCC2 rivals the best analog rigs I have heard(when mated with a modified phillips or CDSD) in many ways- on welly recorded/mastered/enginered SACD. There is a liquidity that is so natural with the Emm labs gear that I have never experienced with any other digital source.

The only regret I had was the year wait to get it!
I have the DCC2 going to an Atma-Sphere MP-1 preamp - that way get the best of both worlds.
Thanks for the input so far. My most favorite music to play is material like Radiohead. Would the DCC2 probably work better for that or am better off with the BAT for alt. rock?
I formerly used an Accuphase DP75V cdp, which now serves as a transport into my DCC2 (using the preamp output of the DCC2). The DCC2 makes every note sound more relaxing and "true". It is one of those Goldilocks audio products that is just right in every listening aspect I could think of. In particular, piano notes can be assaultive in digital, with too much attack that makes you wince or an electric sound (jitter maybe?). The DCC2 finally gets them right--not subdued or veiled, but no strange artifacts. I can now play piano music without fear, even with my revealing Kharma-Focal metal tweeters & solid state amp. Yep, I would never return to any previous CDP I've had (Accuphase, Meridian, Sony).
I listen to a lot of classical, folk, rock, techno, jazz, blues- I am all over the place. I did dig out some radiohead(which I haven't listened to in some time) and I NEVER remember it sounding so lush and involving. The soundscape like sound that was created was almost surreal, this was very apparant on "Kid A". There was a sense of layering and detail which I don't recall hearing on any rock redbook CD before. I also listened to Ok Computer and Pablo Honey and they were both VERY enjoyable and brought back a lot of memories. I have never heard any of those discs sound the way they did- last night- before.

I find my system really show's its strengths on natural acoustic type music. While it reproduces electronic sounds and drums and such well, it doesn't have the same feeling as it does with "real" music(if that makes sense). Folk, chamber music, orchestral, vocal and acoustic rock seem to really shine through- fortunately for me that's what I listen to 95% of the time and its what I have "voiced" my system to do well. With the emm labs gear your only limited by your associated equipment, anything you want to recreate well you'll be able to.