dCS Puccini built-in preamplifier

I am interested in any opinion about dCS Puccini built-in preamplifier. From my experiences connecting directly Puccini to Jadis JA 80, Ayon Vulcan, Cary CAD805 (once) and Art Audio Silver Harmony (now)is that the sound quality of built-in preamp is very good. Leading role plays interconect cable between dCS and external preamplifier. The high quality cable (as Siltech from Royal series) beats every external preamplifier that I have heard in my system (I vad Jadis JP80, Art Audio Conductor, Octave HP700). But It may be misleading when comparing to top pramplifier with top interconect. That is why I am asking Conmmunity.
We first, have you tried the u-clock with your Puccini? That's a nice upgrade especially on SACD. It'll seem like a focusing ring on a camera...everything will gain a bit of resolution, present in space better, and be more interesting to listen to...

I've always ran preamps with my dCS gear. I used to own a Puccini/U-clock a few years ago.

I think you a gain transparency going direct (assuming the digital volume is in it's range) but with a good preamp most every other facet is slightly better.
I used to have the Puccini and u-clock combo and agree with Jfrech that things sound better with a preamp in the chain.

I am interested in your opinion about the Octave HP700. How does it sound compared to Octave 500SE and Jubilee preamp?

Thank you!
I too have a Puccini and U clock (Jfrech's old one actually)and agree that while one aspect of the sound is improved, a preamp gives a greater sense of coherency, smoothness and depth, but it has to be a good one. In my case a Nagra PL-L.