need something to replace built in LCDTV speakers?

My new 60 inch Sony LCD TV has downward firing cheap speakers built into it - even though the TV is over 3K. Anyway, I don't want my entire surround system on all the time during the day - for regular daytime TV viewing stuff. Any solutions to bypass the built in LCD TV speakers? I was thinking of maybe inputing one of those Bose Wave radio things so that the sound comes from that. Maybe some kind of sound bar. Anyone else ever run into this kind of issue?
A sound bar is the easiest and neatest solution as you can run it from the audio outputs of the TV.

The Bose might work, too. It would be similar to the Meridian F80 that I employed in the same way for a while.

It's usually not as easy as just adding a soundbar, or an extra pr of speakers. (Although many tv's have the outputs to do that) We run into this alot doing installs. The problem is the tv's built in amp is usually just to small. There are companys that make small amps that can be hidden almost anywhere, and thats what we use.
Check out the offerings from ZVOX. Read the reviews. Highly acclaimed for a one piece self contained sound solution for TV.


I have a couple Samsung LED's that also suffers from atrocious speakers.

I've have the Soundbar on one TV, but on the other I use a decent computer speaker set up, and it sounds decent - better than the bar anyway.
Of course, everything is a function on $$'s. Bose does make some pretty decent powered speakers, about $100 at bestbuy. They are small and can lay on a side/sheilded to.

It is a step up from what you have (fixed my issue for my wife)

It's a option, not a lot of $$'s, plus can return if you don't like...
Hey Zydo,

How would you bypass the internal speaker amp of the TV and still use the TV's speakers? I don't see how you could even have access to that part of the TV, without voiding the TV warranty?

Excellent question, and I wish there was more discussion about the headache inducing, 25 cent cheapo amp and speakers that go into what are otherwise the latest greatest HDTVs.

These components sound just awful, and worse, they clutter up the case and bezel of the television, which could otherwise be thinner and sleeker.

For my TVs and PCs, I have used and recommended Behringer A500 amps, and mini monitors on either side which have ranged from EPOS to ATC. It is simple enough to tap a USB port or the audio outputs of an HDTV cable box.

Unlike the average surround sound system, it is remarkable to me how easy it is to get drawn into a show or movie, and better discern dialogue with simple, even half way decent, 2 channel audio - I have tested this and impressed many friends who think they don't care about audio.

Indeed, my 75 year old mother in law whose hearing is declining and claims she has no interest in technology whatsoever absolutely loves my desktop HDTV with mini monitors.

She takes over my desk and watches it for hours, saying she can't even watch a Sony 1080 LCD elsewhere in the house because she "can't hear it".

Of course, all of this discussion sadly will be to no avail in America.

Because the TVs will get bigger and bigger, the neighbors will all continue to buy and brag about them, and no one will notice or even think about the audio.

Yamaha makes a 'digital lens' which I have heard in a friend's home set up. Sounded great.

If a WAF is not in play it is best to get full range speakers hooked up to a great amp. Also, consider using a single unit of the stereo pair as a center. Much better sound if you go that route rather then using a 'center channel' type.
Seriously, check out the ZVOX stuff. It is specifically designed for this application. Some of them even have digital input.

I don't use one, but when I was thinking about purchasing a solution for this issue their products kept rising to the top during my research.
How would you bypass the internal speaker amp of the TV and still use the TV's speakers? I don't see how you could even have access to that part of the TV, without voiding the TV warranty?

Most TV's have line level "audio out" jacks. Just plug the amp into those.
I tried plugging in a pair of powered studio monitors via the TV's audio out RCA's and it produced ugly continuous background hum. Loud enough to be annoying, can anyone comment on that?

Also, from all the reseach, seems like the Zvox would be the best choice, since that humm with the powered studio monitors (JBL professional grade) was scary to me. Also tried hooking it directly to the cable box - same issue.

One pair of powered monitors I own hum if they are plugged into different outlets. If they are plugged into the same outlet or into a power conditioner (which is plugged into one outlet), they don't hum.
Just saw this thread. I use a pair of Audioengine 5 powered monitors - really excellent, audiophile quality $325 the pair with all connections.

Just connect with a decent pair of interconnects from the analog outs on the TV and set the TV to external speakers. The monitors go on and off automatically and work with the TV remote just like the TV's built in speakers.

I put them on a cheap $32 pair of 16" stands in front of the TV. Yes they are very apparent but it's worth it for the fine sound. No need for a subwoofer, they have really strong deep bass - I even needed to put a rag in the bass port to reduce the bass. Couldn't be happier with them
I had $700 ZVOX 575 and $100 VIZIO VSB200 at the same time. The sound quality is pretty much the same. The dialogue on ZVOX is slightly more intelligible. But the out of phase surround effect is much better on VIZIO. Both units are equally easy to use. You need to buy a mini-to-RCA cable and connect audio out from your TV to the soundbar. Then the soundbar takes over the TV's speaker.