Dealing with Voltages: 110v to 220v vice versa

Hello Everyone,

I have been wondering about this for a while. I have lived overseas and may be moving overseas again. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I did not bring any HI-FI equipment with me last time so did not research it out. But what I want to know is:

1) Is it worth it to bring 110v to be used with 220v (assuming the usage of a transformer to convert 220v to 110v)?
2) Will there be any damages to my equipment? How?
3) Can I just used any transformer? Do I need a power condition? What else will I need?
4) What is the best (with no consideration for cost) and/or most economical way to deal with this and still be safe for expensive stuff?

I would hate to sell my equipment (or give it to my brother like the last time). Please help with any information or point to any good reliable source of information. If I move then it would be to Asian (would it be different in different country? or how about for other people moving from 220v to 110v). I was at a store the other day and they sell a power converter/surge protector/etc. by Gray for $3,000 for use in the US! It uses 220v and converts it back to 110v. They said that it provides a cleaner power source. Is this what I have to invest in?

Thanks in advance for your input!
I lived in the UK for 3 years, and took all my US spec equipment. You can purchase transformers to step down the voltage to 110v, but it will still be 50hz power. That's only an issue for turntables or tape decks that have a motor that's synchornized to the frequency of the power (ie, they will run at the wrong speed.) It should not damage your equipment, but make sure you use a transformer of sufficient size, so as not to overload it...I used a 2Kw one.

The most elegant solution would be to buy a power regenerator like the PS Audio 300. (I have one and wouldn't part with it.) The P300 can be internally rewired to accept 220v, but it will output 110v, at whatever frequency you select. Essentially, that means you'd be using it as a very high quality step down that also cleans up all the garbage and significantly improves the sound. The only catch is you'll need to get a power cable for the P300 with a European style plug, but that's not that difficult.
I moved from the States to Paris 18 months ago, and was faced with the same problem (110V gear running on 220V). Fortunately some of my equipment (Quad and Revox) is multi-voltage, no problem there. The rest is 110V equipment, Including two 200W/channel power amps. I simply purchased a 2kW 220V/110V line stabilizer transformer (~$200). You can purchase the equipment from or The other thing to remember is, HiFi equipment in Europe, especially high end gear, is a lot more expensive then in the USA. Bottom line, bring your equipment with you and use a voltage stabilizer step down transformer to run it.
There wil be NO PROBLEM whatsoever when using 110 gear with a transformer on 220 and vice versa! Here in Germany a big electronic chain store sells transformers from 30Watts to 1000 Watts for low money (the 1000W unit is around $200) doing the transformation BOTH ways. My entire system is American - hence 117 Volts - and I run it on German 220V: the digital front end at a PS Audio PS300, as mentioned by Rsuminsby, the rest via transformer.
Good luck!
Check with the manufacturer! Many of the electronic gear have TWO taps on the transformer, one for 110 volts, and one for 220v (saves LOTS of money for them, since they don't have to inventory two different (and pricy) toroidal transformers. A snip of one or two wires, solder, and a new fuse(s), and you're good to go!
Thank you all for your input. Your experinces have really helped to put my mind at ease. I will definitely take my equipment with me next time I relocate.