Definitive Tech

Any thoughts on my recent purchase of Def Tech Pro Cinema 60 package? I am a novice and couldn't tell from listening to them if they are worth the money or better than comparables (Athena or Energy Take 5.2). I want something great with music, at least for that price range, so I am nervous that I picked the wrong thing. And I am also concerned that I won't notice a difference between this and had I gotten a complete $500 HTIB.

Anyone have a receiver recommendation that would be good with this system?
don't be overly concerned about what other people think about your system. If it sounds good to you, it's good period. It's gotta be better than a htib, I would think.

As for receiver I would try: Onkyo, Denon, Outlaw, NAD
Ive heared the pro-cinema 60. Sounds far better than it has any right to in that range. Ive used alot of Definitive Tech rpodcuts and ive loved everything they made. They might not be up to par with high level KEF, B&W, or Paradigm, after all, thier most expencive speakers are less than 6,000 a pair.

The pricinema rocks for its price point. Well worth it, and for a sub/sat system it gives pretty darn good musical performance.

I reccomment a Denon unit with it, you can get a used Denon 3803 for about 500 that will make these speakers rock.

I used a 3803 to run a set of Deftech 2004tls, and a pair of BP6's. Couldnt be happier with the performance at that cost!!!!!

Go for it dude! You will enjoy them greatly. Good WAF as well.
Yeah, I've been way into this stuff for years. And have sold most everything on the market. I agree with Thinkat's
assessment of the situation...If it's good to you, it's good! That about summs it up. I mean, after all, who's listening to the system anyway?, or us?
I mean if you want to impress your friends/family, then go buy what they want you to buy..otherwise I'd be happy with what float's my boat(you)!
It's all good...just depends on what you want out of it.