Demon AVR2808CI. Issue with getting sound to all 5.1 speakers when in Dolby PLII mode.

Playing TV sound. All 5 speakers and Sub produce sound when in 5-Channel Stereo mode and the panel shows all 5 speakers and sub the diagramed array. 

But when I switch to Dolby PLii or DTS Neo:6 mode, sound only comes from the center speaker (even though the array still shows all 5 speakers and sub as being used). 
Anyone have any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong?
Thank you in advance. 
PL II and Neo: 6 are for 2 channel signals.

So, those should in fact only be used when you have a stereo signal which use matrixed surround (called either Dolby Surround or Dolby Pro-Logic). For Dolby Digital 5.1 signals you don’t use this.

So, do you have the right mode for the signal?
From Dolby's website:

"Dolby Pro Logic II transforms traditional stereo audio into 5.1-channel surround sound..."  I'm pretty sure Neo:6 does something similar.

You should be getting sound out of all your speakers.  Do some googling and figure out how to do a factory reset.  If that doesn't fix it, it may be time for a replacement.