Desktop System DAC

I'm trying to put together a decent desktop system for use in my office at work. Most listening will be done at low levels, so low level resolution will be critical.
I just purchased a Rega Brio-R and John Blue JB3 speakers.

Looking for a decent DAC to pair with the above.
Listening to rock, jazz, blues not much classical so timing and detail would be key.

Heard great things about Schiit Bifrost.
Any other recommendations for streaming from my computer??

The bitfrost is supposed to be quite nice. Personally, I use a Musiland MD-10 every single day all day and never tire of it.
I just picked up a Halide HD DAC and am very happy with it. And it includes all attached cables !

I just bought an Oppo that I'm using as a DAC and no longer need my Cambridge Audio DacMagic. It's a USB type DAC that will convert up to 24 bit/192khz. Just took it out of use yesterday and would sell it for $100 if you pay USPS or UPS shipping. I don't have the box or manual. But, if you google "Cambridge Audio Dacmagic" you can see it, read reviews and probably download the manual, too. It's small but not lightweight and sounds very nice at all volumes. I think it retailed new for $375 and I bought it used for $150 about 6 months ago.

Just another option for you, give me a pm if you want it or to discuss,
My office DAC is a Grant Fidelity TubeDAC-11. I too listen at low levels and have been extremely happy with the sound, and it has a ton of flexibility in regard to input /output options. Tube rolling is also an option if you decide to use the tube out.
What are you streaming off your computer, internet radio or stored CD files?
Benchmark DAC2 is amazing and so versatile. It maybe a little expensive for a desktop (like I use) but I do not see myself changing this DAC for the next 20 years. I have a tuner hooked up, cable TV, and a USB computer for my FLAC's. The speakers are KEF LS50's powered by Parasound A23 amp.

I had Audioengine A2 speakers for a long time thinking that for a desktop office system it would suffice. But it was not really satisfying. So I changed to the new configuration and it is stunning. I love to sit and work at my office now.
This is one heck of a deal
I had one and returned it.They must be getting low on stock
because it was $499.00
The Demo they are selling is probably the one i had.
I really liked it except it did not have the deep Bass that
was looking for .i was using it on my Home Audio (big
system)It is very clear sounding. I was using the usb out of
my pc to the V-Link2 and them sending spdif to the m1.
The internet radio is very cool .Many Many stations.
I would have kept it if i were using in the office,
definately made for that ,really
Concero from Canada. Read the review on audiostream.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
I use the Grant Fidelity TubeDac 11 but with a USB to SPDIF converter (M2Tech Hi-Face II) and it sounds really nice. If you plan on going straight USB to USB on most DACs you might be a little disappointed.