Deutsche Grammophon Original Masters Series

I was wondering what people think of the mono reissues that comprise the DGG Original Masters Series? I have really enjoyed the Kempff rereleases myself and wanted to get some other opinions on this series.

Unless they have changed recently, the problem I have with DG is the sound quality of their CD's is poor at best IMHO.

They screw it up in the mixing process whether a reissue of an LP onto CD, or a brand new recording.

If they just put the analog recording straight to CD with no remixing, it would be a huge improvement. The problem is they think they sound good the way they are mixing them.

They do sound good on a boom box or car stereo. I guess that is their market.

I'd collect the original LPs and get a turntable if I were you.
Years ago, circa mid 1970's, Time-Life had a Deutche-Grammafone series of classical LP recordings which I subscribed to for about $20/month. This only lasted a few months as the sound quality was poor. That left a bad opinion in my mind for Deutche-Grammafone. I never again tried one of their releases.
Well, basically these releases are cut straight from the masters. Incidentally, most are in mono and they haven't tried to screw thinks up my mixing them into stereo. I've been impressed and these reissues, and they seem to get pretty good marks from classical buffs, but I was curious what people think from a sonic standpoint. For comparison, I have some early Kempff mono recordings and the reissued Kempff recordings in question. Now, given I don't have a mono cartridge on my turntable, the sound is pretty comparable in my setup, with a slight lean towards the LPs. Now, this says a lot for the CDs ;) And yes, I agree, in general, most recordings in either CD or LP from DGG are hit or miss, but I am liking these reissues quite a bit. Anyone else who has actually heard these reading this thread care to comment?
The (stereo) ones I have from about 8 years ago are outstanding, for example the Strauss Ein Heldenleiben and Beethoven 5. No reason to think the Monos wouldn't be terrific.
Yes, I have the stereo ones as well, but I think the monos are a cut above these. Thanks for your input!