Devialet Amplifiers

Which model have you got?
How satisfied you are with it?
Please share your views with all of us.
Never heard of Devialet. Are they vintage? Will they match up with Altec VOTTs?
D400. Love it. Very quiet, music comes out of a black background. Tremendous air and separation. Tight, firm bass, great vocals. Lots of 3D. Built-in preamp, dac (with DSD now), phono and amp. All-in-one operation with the ability use the front end to another amp. If you can enjoy a simplified system, it is amazing. If you are a tweaker, you might get fidgety.
Nice approache Joeinid. D400 is indeed a nice system. What speakers do you used it with?
Joeinid...just trying to get some one time did you have Merlin driven by Joule in a very nice single purpose listening room ?
Hi Cosmosound,

I am using SF Strads. I've had several others but am the most happy with my Strads.

Hi Samhar,

I never had Merlin or Joule. I almost bought a Joule preamp but was nervous about tube replacement. I could never find them aftermarket.

I wish I had a dedicated listening room, but don't.
One more thing Cosmosound. If you are true tube guy or tube lover, you may not be as satisfied long term with Devialet. It does not have as much tone or density as a tube amp. The Devialet has a "cleaner" sound which is wonderful but not like a good tube amp. Zero maintenance is a bonus too.
I would agree with Joeinid's comments. A friend has a D200 and we have compared it to my Herron setup and an older Roland amp. It has a little more bite to it than either of those two amps. I'm not saying it's harsh, just a different tonal taste. I really like the amp and if I was in the market for do it all, one piece setup it would be a top contender.
Joeinids experience is not indicative of mine.

Can you explain what your experience is or has been?
Hi all!
Joeinid - I believe is all about the 'ear'.
I deal with both systems and my buyers either prefer Tubes or Solidstate amp. I deal with Ayon and Krell.

One thing I can add though, is that Solidstate listeners can switch to Tube amps but not vise versa...