Did my Phillips 963SACD die?

I was watching a DVD recently on my Phillips 963SACD when I stopped it in the middle intending to come back to it the next day. Well it was several days and when I tried to restart the player it would not respond to the remote. So I hit Play on the player and the display shut off and all power was lost. I checked the cord, no problem, so I opened the unit and the one fuse I could find was not blown. Any one else have this problem? Is there a cheap solution? If I can't fix it economically does anyone know how to eject the disc manually? Thanks!
Rip the player apart. I had the 988 which died a year after I bought it. No more Phillips for me.
Try pulling the plug for a few minutes and plugging it back in. It's like rebooting a computor.
Thanks for the repsonses so far. The disc is clamped in and cannot be removed. I am assuming there is a manual eject by releasing a catch or some such thing but it is not obvious. I also tried unplugging the unit for several days and it didn't help. Something blew in the power supply, but it's not obvious. I know the Phillips are not the most reliable but it worked good for three years. I guess it's time to move up the ladder.

The problem is the power supply board most likely overheated (look at the power supply board, I will bet that it looks tanish and brown in certain parts), and either a diode failed, or the PWM Switching chip (or mosfet) failed. I have fixed a ton of these, however sometimes these cannot be fixed due to a design flaw. The part about these units that I dont like is that there is a chip on the front faceplate that switches power from the SMPS to the AV Board. If this chip fails, you got yourself a 12 lb paperweight, that chip cant be replaced unless you get another known working unit and swap faceplate boards.

Just thought I would share some info as I have a ton of time invested into this unit over the past 4 years.