Differences between BW N804 and BW N805?

Besides the low frecuency extension, is there any other difference between these two speakers in terms of overall presentation? Is the midrange and treble the same on both? or, is the midrange on one more forward than on the other one? Thanks for any input.
Side by side, I much preferred the 805. There IS a SMALL bit more bass with the 804, but the drivers seem much more integrated with the 805 vs the 804, because of the smaller distance between the drivers (2 on the 805 vs 3 on the 804).
I suspect that most other people that have heard the 2 side by side will say the same. The mid driver on the 804 is a very different driver than the mid/bass driver on the 805. I heard a more recessed or veiled midrange with the 804. I really wanted to like the 804 better, but ultimately, I think the best overall choice would be a used pair of 805s with 1 or 2 REL Strata III subs. They are supposed to mate beautifully with the B&W Nautilus speakers.

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There was another thread similiar to this not long ago, though I am not sure it will be of much help.

B&W 803 vs 804

I disagree with Gthirteen.I sold B&W Matrix and the only ones I liked were 805's,802's and 801's.The problem with the matrix 804 at $2100 over the $1600 805's was that you got a bit more more bass for the $500 but the imaging wasn't as good (I also thought the 802 delivered the goods at $4K with much more bang for the buck than $3K for 803's).But now with the improvement and big price increase I think the 804's are a fine compact floor standing speaker.My only complaint with the 805 is the port.A bit "honky".Maybe if they put it on back.In any case but especially with the 805's get a set of Sound anchor stands.Bob Warzalla top mass loads the stands which may not be as pretty but sounds way better.Even with the floor stnding speakers.My freind had a pair of $5K 803N's and asked me what he could to improve his system.He kind of laughed when I told him with his wood floor (and even if he had cement) that the few inches but heavy mass stands under his would make all the difference in the world but when we put them in his jaw just dropped.Lastly if you are thinking 805's as you might want say a hi quality sub latter (which would blow away the 804's)I would also check out the Revel M20's at same price.Real nice speaker but different.With either of those and a fast pitch accurate sub like a Vanderteen 2Q or an REL Strata you would have better imaging and way more bass.A set of used B&W 805's at $1600 and a Vandersteen sub used for less than $800 plus a few hundred for the Sound Anchors would be one of the most cost efficient set ups out there and run hundreds less than 804's while eating them alive.If a freind want to replace his $1200 stereo and get a audiophile rig this last set or Magnepan 1.6's plus a good integrated tube amp like the Cary is the set up I tell freinds to get if they want most cost efficient TRULY hi end system.
Yes, without a doubt(and I've sold Nautilus/matrix myself) the 804N's are better than the 805N's, yes!!! Better bass, better top to bottom sound, everything! Also, you can biamp the 804's for supber results if done right..yielding an evem much much more dynamically tranparent and effortless full range sound(won't really work with 805n's).
The 804's end up winning in just about every aspect pertinent, and are worth the extra money in my experience.
Get em if you can afford the price increase.
I was talking about the Nautilus series, as I've never heard the Matrix series.

Lthkeeper, did you hear the N804 vs the N805 side by side the same day/same system?

And you can successfully Bi-amp the 805.

IF you're saying that the $3500 804 are worth the additional $1500 over the 805, well, I must respectfully disagree.

I still say that if the 805 don't do it for you, (about the only complaint possible is bass response), a REL Strata sub for $1500 retail will give you real bass response, not just a 9 db lower -3db point.

Plus, you probably will have to use a strong solid state amp to drive the 804, whereas the 805 can actually use and benefit from a tube amp and the REL subwoofers have their own amp built in...

Anyway, whatever you choose, try to hear both side by side, and take into consideration the distance from the speakers that your primary listening position will be.IF it's 7 feet or less, the 804s probably won't sound properly integrated, top to bottom.

Also, if you go with the 805, dont use the B&W stands, they kinda suck.

I would suggest the Osiris stands (you can get from Sigsound.com and avalonav.com)
I have dealt with both, fine gentlemen, the both)

Depending on your seat height, you MAY want to get the 21.5" stands, as I found that the 24" stnads were too high for me.

happy listening!
Thanks all for the responses. Chazzbo, you recommend the REVEL M20's and say they are different to the N805. What are those differences? Thanks again.
No Contest! With the right electronics, there is a huge difference. The n805 is just a monitor, better suited to HT imo. But the 804 is a good stand alone speaker, better depth, range, sound stage. For the price of the 805, you're better off putting that $ into a better speaker. If you don't like the 804, there are plenty of other good speakers in the same price range.

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Revel M20's well it'sbeen a while but they seem to have a dryer presentation that isn't flat.Tweeter adjustment is added plus.But the 805's are able (with power) to go a bit lower with more slam I am just not sure if they are as flat as Revel's.Hey in this price range Maggie 1.6's if I had a dedicated room and add a subb latter well that maybe way to.Also and I hope ragu is listening the Audio Physic Sparks are KILLER for the $2K range.But me well if I was doing HT 805's would fit a sane budget but if I could clock some overtime at work I'd buy a used set of 803N's for $3500.Itergrated from top to bottom with beautiful deep soundstage and good imaging.I think that 805's @$2K and 803's@$5K list are the winners.But the 804 as I mentioned before is a nice spaker where in the old series the two middle speakers (804 and 803 Matrix made up until three years ago) weren't wothy of consideration.