Digital Cable from Transport to Dac

I'm using a Proceed transport MkIII and a Proceed D/A MkIII with a balanced Transparent Audio interlink between them. My question to you Audiophiles is what method of inter-connect sounds best and why? Given the fact that both of my units have all 4 connection types, what experiences have you all had in listening to the other 3 types of inter-connect ???? I am open minded to any suggestions and willing to buy someones cable if they are selling one with good intentions. Input is really appreciated. Krellpower1
there have been several recent threads on this subject. respectfully suggest you search for them.
Sorry about that, I must not have done a good search before posting. Thank you Cornfedboy.
I will give you my 2 cents worth of advice. I own Wadia 8 transport and 15 processor and also have the 4 inputs. I have found through extensive comparative listening and also with the help of my local audiophile club, that the glass optical (ST type or AT&T) is the smoothest most analog connection. It is followed closely by single ended 75 Ohm BNC to BNC SPDIF connection. Further away is the 110 Ohm XLR AES-EBU and the last by far is the plastic optical (Toslink) that has internal reflections that induce a kind of jitter.