Digital Player Upgrade Options

I have been using the Bryston BDP-1 since 2011 and have been pleased with the sound quality but it is a little slow and lacks features I may enjoy.  Now I am looking to upgrade. The Bryston BDP-3 is certainly an option but I would like to get to know about other digital players that I should look at. I generally buy used components so I am looking for digital players costing ~$1600 to ~$2600 in the used market.  
I used to use a BDP-1 as a Roon endpoint and thought it worked quite well while working around the kludgy and very dated Bryston control program
Thanks , I’ll look into that. I’m still using the original MPAD on iPad to select music files. The parallel program for iPhone stopped working several years ago. 
If you already have a DAC that you like, check into the Lumin U1-mini. I upgraded to one from a Node 2i and it was a very nice improvement.