Digital with same soundstage as analog

I have a modest setup, but the analog sounds good to me. Question, can I get the same soundstage with digital by adding a DAC or Streamer?

Current equipment is;

VPI Scout with Hana SL

Parasound A21

Vincent SA32 Preamp

Elac PPA2 

Dyneaudio Emit 30

Oppo 83SE

room is conditioned floor to ceiling and approximately 12x24’

When I play SACD’s, the soundstage is no where near the analogue presence. Maybe it’s the SACD player that’s limiting my experience to go streaming.

Advice based on setup would be helpful

Thanks in advance


Yes. Here's some helpful information.

A high quality digital system can sound fantastic. You may still prefer the sound of vinyl. I enjoy both. 

@vette5451 , in many cases, no. The analogue master will be different from much of what you would hear via streaming or a newer CD remaster (SACD will generally not be the same as analogue, no). The music master will matter more than streamer vs. turntable/cartridge vs. DAC in many cases if not every last case, when it comes to audible differences. This tends not to be a particularly fun concept for folks who like to chain-swap components regularly or make recommendations based on price points.

In cases of newer music that was mixed and mastered digitally then put onto vinyl, the answer changes - it should be similar in sound, since you are listening to digital music with the particular characteristics/shortcomings/compromises/whatever of the vinyl medium it’s been pressed into.
For older music (1980s and before) vinyl can be real nice for some listeners. The reason is not because vinyl is an inherently superior route to playback, but rather the translation of original master onto the medium worked out better than subsequent re-hashes sound via other playback media. Original CD’s from the ‘80s can be hit-or-miss. For newer music (post-2000) it’s often much less of a departure given almost all is done in the digital realm.
SACD seems to be a different animal more times than not. When you play SACD’s the difference in soundstage, assuming it’s real, should be due to differences in mastering of the tracks therein. The other factors are not impossible of course (inferior player, inferior DAC, etc.), they’re just much less likely to be the cause of audible differences.

the Oppo 83SE is what, almost 15 years old?  Oppo made great products, but digital has advanced a lot since then.  i would first add a newer DAC to the mix.  there are plenty of reasonably priced DAC's that IMO would be better sounding than the DAC inside the Oppo.  streamers have also come a long way in the last few years, but the sound quality depends on the quality of the input (qobuz or whomever).  i have not done a lot of streaming, and haven't had the chance to compare what is out there, but i've heard that Qobuz high resolution sounds the best of the bunch.  maybe others will chime in on this.  i'm currently tempted to add the Ferrum Wandla DAC, which is currently $2,800 (not including the Hypsos power supply, which you can always add later).


I can share my experience which is quite different than yours. I happen to have the same cartridge (Hana SL) on a Denon DP 47f turntable. For digital I'm running a Jay's Audio CD3 Mk III transport with a Berkeley Alpha Reference Series 2 MQA DAC as well as a Tubadour Mk IV DAC. I also have a Marantz KI Ruby SACD player. I have about 4,000 CDs/SACDs and about a thousand albums.

If I'm careful to make sure that I'm playing the same version of a record and CD/SACD my analog rig sounds remarkably similar to my digital rig(s). The soundstage is about the same and the other aspects of SQ are very close. This was also true when I was running a Marantz SA 8005 SACD player.

I have quite a few newer audiophile releases in both vinyl and SACD. Analog Productions puts out high quality vinyl pressings and a corresponding SACD and I have many titles where I own both. Same with Mobile Fidelity. Some that I own are Stevie Ray Vaughn, Steely Dan, Donald Fagan, Pink Floyd, Crosby Stills, and Nash, Joni Mitchell, and others. I'm sort of a format junkie and have quite few titles in more than one format.

I have never heard a substantial soundstage difference between different formats of the same master. I can hear differences in detail or harshness but thus far, not in soundstage.

I don't know why you would be experiencing this but one theory is that your turntable/arm/phono preamp combo is doing something to widen the soundstage. I'm doubtful that getting a new digital player will make a big difference but there is lots of good used digital gear for sale and you can experiment without spending huge sums of money.

Please report back if you try a new DAC or digital front end. I'm curious about how much difference it will make.

Yes you can get a soundstage, no if “same” means “identical” - analog and digital are 2 different technologies and not mixed the same way