Dirac Live - horrible? Dont work

Tried using and apple ap not updated for 4 yrs. Lots of complaints. 

it fails to process data after calibrating spkrs.  

this is a nightmare.  


Nightmare is when your house is flattened by a tornado, not when an app doesn't work. 

This is an old app for NAD T or M series AVRs and, as you saw, the ratings are low and there are warnings that it doesn’t work. Why are you surprised?

So used a microsoft laptop and it worked better but still had problems.

it did all the sound tests, all completed sucessfully.  Then when proceeding to filtered design it failed.  This happened a few times.  And the autsaved data failed to reload.

had to repeat a few times and couldnt get results to process

dirac really SUCKS.

dirac support is horrible.



Kept trying to reload autosaved filed and it eventually loaded onto the processor.

so i then listened and my impression is that it gets louder due to an increased gain setting.  Too much gain it can be unpleasant.  Of course turning up volume without using direct seems to do same thing.  I looked at curve result, i am too dumb to see any value.

sound seems really good without dirac. 

Doesn't seem that it is working properly.  In my experience with DL, the resulting corrections should be readily seen in the curves and the resulting sound should be lower in gain as necessary for overhead compensation.  

I've not used that particular version which is proprietary to certain NAD AVRs.  There is an active Dirac discussion/thread on AVS which you might find informative.

Yes, but what does one see in the curves? 

1.  The difference in FR between the measured and the predicted result as well as the correction FR, itself.  You can confirm these with REW, if necessary.

2.  The difference between the original impulse response and the predicted result.


impulse looks very similar.  Maybe a good amp helps before dirac modifies it.

freq curve calculates to a flatter curve which i guess is better.  Better freq representation via smoother variation in freqs i guess is why its better.