Direct Digital Amplification

Looks like they are finally here (outside of cellphones), no more DACs. Anyone heard of it?

the M32 however, NAD is reinventing the integrated amplifier, as we know it. DirectDigital amplification combines all pre-amplification and power amplification functions into a single amplifying stage. With 150W x2, the M32 is a true digital amp (not just Class D) that is computer controlled and amplifies entirely in the digital domain, converting to analog only at the speaker terminals. This gives it the shortest signal path possible.

Sounds like a perfect match for my Bluesound Node DAC to make it a complete digital sound path.
Is this any different than what TacT and Lyngdorf have provided for years, except for the NAD not being able to double down?
Well I certainly hope the M32 sounds better than the M51 I heard two years ago. :D :D :D

But no, the idea isn't really that new. If NAD can make it sound good at prices below the stratosphere it will be good for us for sure. Especially if there is digital EQ available as part of the package.


It is a little strange that M32 converts analog input signals to digital to convert again from digital to analog at the speaker terminals, while in plain class D amplifiers signal never leaves analog domain.  

This is not new for NAD.  The M2 was released at least seven years ago and the 390DD three or so years ago.


Not sure if this is the right place, but since it's been discussed, any comments on the sound quality of the NAD M32 and the BluOS "add on" and app. Also comments on a comparison between the NAD M32 and the Moon ACE would be appreciated. Expect to use either with the Focal Aria 936 speakers. Thanks so much.
I am owner of  Nad c390dd. Sounds good!   I will get a tube amp integrated  to compare and I will post differences.