Direct drive, cart and phono for under $750. Possible?

For a friend not me. I've got a Luxman PD444, Victor TT101 and Technics 1200 GR with crazy vintage cart museum. I've got a buddy wanting to wet his feet in analog. Suggestions appreciated. Thanks!
 with all your knowledge / questions that you have asked over the years, you should know if this can be done or not.
Why such a low budget ?
You can demo him your Technics GR, he could buy mk7 for $900 and later add some nice phono stage and cartridge. Or maybe SL1500c (goes with pre-installed entry level Ortofon MM cart, and with built-in MM phono stage).

Something more exotic:
I could recommend Technics SL-10 if he will be able to find refurbished sample for about $750. There must be P-Mount cartridge (Stanton, Pickering, Audio-Technica... made some nice P-Mount carts). There is a built-in phono preamp. Read more here.
maybe something like this?

used technics SL series turntable $400-$450
Audio Technica ATVM95ML microline cartridge $170.
phono preamp - schiit mani $130, ifi zen phono $150, hagerman bugle 3 $180

+1 dtrandall! Can't go wrong with a used SL1200 in good shape plus a cheap phono stage!
Better yet for the same cost would be an Empire belt-drive. I have four different models in my TT collection!
The Pioneer DD turntable is $700.00 new.  You can buy a cheap mm cartridge for $50.00 and up, also new.