Discovery Cables

I have no relationship with the Discovery Cable company; I first became acquainted with their products when I bought a speaker cable (Discovery 1-2-3) for a "rolling" second system. Now, they have a sale going on and I'm auditioning several of their IC's. First impressions are chin-dropping for me. The detailed, neutral nature of these cables is a revelation. I admit I have limited experience with higher end cables but it's difficult to imagine what else an IC could do that escapes these, for the money. I'm amazed at the new information I'm being shown. Everything at 1/2 price or greater!

Now, my question. I'm considering the Signature at $200 or the Plus 4 at $300. Can I do better, for the money?

Parasound 2200 MKII
Custom built(Alan Breece), Williamson design,
EL 84 25 watt pentode
Dyna Mark IV's (completely updated)
Sony TAE 86B
Tyler Reference Monitors
Tyler MiniMonitors (custom design)
Tyler Reference Sub
Dana 1's
Phillips SACD 1000
DH Labs Q-10

And finally, add Joe DePhillips, owner of Discovery to the list of exceptional people who are in this business of serving us in a fair and generous manner. He is a first class gentlemen.

Thanks for all the good information I glean from this forum.
Buy the Grey MAS(Music and Sound)interconnect from audioparts. It is solid silver with either gold RCA's or XLR.$60 for a 1 meter length. The retail was $400 a few years back.These are brand new and made to your order.Stu found a new batch of these wires. Steve
I can only say that the Plus 4 IC is the best IC I've ever tried in my system- it manages to add both warmth and detail.
I use all Discovery in my system and I'm happy with it (Essence interconnect, Signature speaker and also power cord). I first bought Discovery because I had never heard a discouraging word about the sound of them or about the owner. I like their way of not inroducing a new design every six months (although new designs are on the way?).