Have I Found the Holy Grail of Audio Systems? My Surprising Discovery

I'm thrilled to share my recent achievement in audio perfection, a system that splendidly matches my personal taste and financial considerations. Like many audiophiles, my quest has been intense and thought-provoking, often leading me down paths of deep reflection and late-night musings.


This system I've curated breathes life into music. It captures the essence of live performance, making each listening session a deeply emotive experience. The way it scales instruments, aligns sonically, and delivers vocals is nothing short of mesmerizing, reminiscent of the intimate connection felt in a live audience.


My setup is modest yet formidable, holding its ground against some of the most prestigious systems I've encountered, even those with staggering price tags. The core comprises custom-built NX Studios from GR-Research, enhanced with top-notch crossovers and cabinet modifications. A special shoutout to Mike at Uilleam Audio for his expert craftsmanship and dedication to my specifications. The system also features RELs T9x subwoofers, JC1 monoblocks, a SupraTek preamp, Denafrips T-Plus 12th DAC, Lumin streamer, and Roon. Meticulous cabling by Fidelum, along with strategic use of silver and copper interconnects and power cables, further refine the experience. Power delivery is pristine, courtesy of a dedicated line through an Isotek conditioner. Simple, yet sophisticated.


I'm curious to hear from this passionate community: Have you discovered your definitive audio system? What makes it unique and how has it enriched your listening experience?


Eager to hear your stories and celebrate our shared passion for exceptional sound.





Arrival after an enormous effort is incredibly rewarding. you clearly have a very carefully chosen system, both sonically and aesthetically. One my friends who is also a dealer told me that peoples systems reflect their personalities from a sonic and aesthetic perspective.

Mine is shown in virtual systems. It is all Audio Research, Sonus Faber speakers… natural, laid back, detailed yet forgiving, musical, looking classically old world beautiful.

I suspect we have systems that sound very different. Which is one of the aspects of this pursuit, our systems and venues are extensions of ourselves.

On the other end of the spectrum, I have a friend who has a house that looks like an explosion hit it with a system half finished and working… a perfect reflection of his mind… I keep recommending psychiatry.

I hope it sounds as good as your description.  Do you work in marketing?  

That said, good to hear the report on the GR research upgraded speaker.  I think crossovers are a fertile ground to look for sound improvements (I have rebuilt mine).



@rowlocktrysail carlsbad2 got there before me! You have got to be a copywriter or a Realtor. I'm also happy with my system. See profile details for my Virtual System.

@ghdprentice Thanks for the congratulations! I love how you described your system – classic, detailed, and musical. It's fascinating how our audio setups can reflect our personalities.


You're right about the diversity in our systems. They really are extensions of ourselves. And your friend's chaotic setup sounds intriguing! It just shows how varied our approaches can be.


It's great sharing these experiences with fellow audiophiles. Looking forward to more stories from this community!​​​​​​


Haha, nope, not in copywriting or real estate - I leave the clever stuff to the pros! 

Really enjoyed checking out your system in your profile. It's always exciting to see how others bring their audio visions to life. I look forward to exchanging more insights and stories here!​​​​​​



Yeah, my friend’s system is such a reflection. It is a Presto preamp (sounds good so far), big Krell amp, a no longer working Esoteric SACD Player, a old Rega turntable (with a poorly glued tone arm riser), and some huge Theil speakers crammed into a small alcove, with boxes and boxes of papers and stuff in the living room… including a extra queen sized bed and headboard leaning up against the wall. The system sounds simply terrible. There is no synergy between the components. Very sad.


Your friend's setup is indeed an eclectic tapestry! It seems like every component has its own unique story.

This is the beauty of our sometimes neurotic hobby: it celebrates individuality. When I shared my system, it was a nod to this very idea. It might not suit everyone, but that's the charm of it. I enjoy hearing stories like your friend's, where the journey is valued more than the so-called 'perfection'. Embracing our setups as they are, with all their quirks, is truly what this passion is all about.

The Xover is decent but not even close to the top 

look at humble homemade hifi capacitor test  15 being the best score 

what capacitors or resistors are in yours ? Path audio ,and Mundorf ultra 

are by far the2 best resistors  which are $30 each 

on dacs I have been spreading the news for months 

the T+A 200 is retail $ 7200 beating anything at 2x it’s cost ,check out the reviews,then do a demo ,the 200 dac is my next purchase , the term+ 12th is still very good , what are the digital cables, system cables and power cords ?

celebrate our shared passion for exceptional sound

in other words: genital size measuring contest. To me it's interesting when we discuss a problem or a challenge. When people just post how great their 50-100+K system is, there is nearly zero value in that. Nothing for me to lean. 

Do I envy your budget? Sure... regardless, this posts are getting old quickly.


I see your point. The original post was indeed an invitation to share our individual setups and experiences, not a contest of who has the most expensive gear. 


You're right, it's about sharing and learning from each other's unique audio journeys, not about comparing price tags. Let's keep our discussions focused on that – the personal stories and choices that shape our love for audio.

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Hey Jack dad I was making a point mainly on the Xover ,for the vast majority of 

even expensive loudspeakers don’t put in top Xover parts

i have over 20 years into this and it bugs me when mfg make tons of monies

then sacrifice better potential quality . If you don’t like my opinion that’s on you.

@jacobsdad2000 , I appreciate your support. It's great to see people standing up for positive vibes in the forum.


@audioman58 , I see you're passionate about the technical aspects, especially crossovers. It's clear you've got a wealth of experience, and your perspective on manufacturers and quality is an interesting angle.


Let's remember, though, that we're all here because we love audio. Different views make our discussions richer. Let's keep sharing and learning from each other, even when we don't always agree. Here's to more lively but friendly audio debates!

rowlocktrysail good point ,hav8ng owned a audio store and 40+ years I audio 

sometimes I get aggravated when mfg don’t go all out , that’s me being too technical at times , I have gone over to aAudiophiles house with a $250k  system 

then come back home and start analyzing my audio and  it takes the essence out of why you got into audio in the first place , That being said ,as long as you can afford to the quest for better sound is rarely over..when I had the Audio store I got spoiled with$100k systems now I enjoy trying toget close for less then half that 

and with loudspeakers many people don’t realize by putting in $2-2500  in upgrading yourLoudspeakers Xover it’s sounds at least= too adding a 50% more $$ 

expensive speaker , electronics too , even your connectors ,copper is far better sounding then brass which many companies use,even the IEC they uses $5 

why nota Furutech gold copper their cost under $20 2x+ better conductor much less resistance ,.Everything counts !!

I don’t think most here would call that setup “modest”. Congrats on making it all come together.

@rowlocktrysail  Same here. Great to also see your photos. I even left a note! Keep well.

Really enjoyed checking out your system in your profile. It's always exciting to see how others bring their audio visions to life

I do have to agree on the quality of components manufacturers use in their products. While understandable at the low end, say under $1000, there is no excuse in more expensive construction. I’ve built or ungraded amps over the years and have been amazed at what a huge difference upgrading all resistors from $0.05 per to $1 per resistor. While on paper, it’s a twenty-fold increase in cost, in practice, it increases the outlay by an additional $20-$50. For the substantive improvement in sound quality at such low additional outlay, one can only assume the manufacturer is either extremely greedy or ignorant of component quality, or both.

If that is your budget ,then enjoy it 

to some holy grail like several Audiophile friends is over $300 k 

which Is great but most any standards 

others spend over a $$ a Million 

your budget dictates many times what you can afford.