Discussion on the Re-mastering of Springsteen?

I'm very surprised there is no discussion yet on an audiophile site, about the spectacular (in some cases) improvement of Springsteen's first 7 records (LPs and CDs), using the Plangent process. I've only compared a little bit so far (CD, but on a very high-end system,, e.g., Rockports, Jeff Rowland, tubed MW Oppo 105, etc), but I'm quite surprised - in a good way!
Thanks! for sharing Jfz-

this set is on my radar as well. I will be buying the CD version. I was intrigued by this 'Plangent' process as well.
So long as protools was not used to destroy, I mean, "remaster" these discs!

Happy Listening!
bought the vinyl an amazing boxes set. A must have for a Springsteen fan. now I only have 15 different "Born to Run" pressings.
Bongofury, first two albums? "Greetings from Asbury park" and "The wild, the innocent and the E street shuffle" both amazing albums. Hooked the first time I heard in 72 and 73. love them. BUT "Born to Run" is the ultimate rock and roll album and his third! it is the album that all other rock stars try to equal but fall far short. then there is "Born in the USA" and "Darkness at the edge of town". both fantastic albums born in the usa the better but taken in comparison to all other bands untouchable. so please first two albums and Nebraska? everyone has a right to their own opinion but this is a joke? right?
Pkoegz: I have all the first soundboard bootlegs of the 5 radio shows he did in 1978, superior to the albums Born to Run and Darkness. Wish he would allow them to be released as bootlegs. Also have a pristine master tape of the Ties That Bind, the single album from 1979 that was rejected by CBC, that lead to the Boss going back into the studio and releasing the River in 1980 as a double album with a hit, i.e. Hungry Heart. The first Binds lp has no compression in the mastering, and kills the official release.
Livedownloads.com just loaded up several shows from the 2014 tour as well as some archive performances from 2012. You can download files or order cds.
Pkoegz: Could you please interpret your post above? The sentence structure and everything "globbed" together makes for (hard/complicated) reading.

Am I the only one? Peace.