Dismantleing & refinishing Cremonas /

I recently found a damaged set of SF Cremonas.
I'd like to strip them, sand them down and apply a new finish.
Are they difficult to take apart I wonder?
Given what I've seen about how they're constructed I'd say that taking them apart seems like a bad idea. They're very intricately constructed and it's doubtful that you'd be able to get them back together correctly. Sumiko, the US distributor might be able to help you out with getting them repaired, look them up on the web, I think they're in the Bay area. Good luck!
Thanks for the response.
I plan on having a wood carver do a intricate job on the entire surface. (I live in Thailand)
Could possibly do it without removing the electronics but would prefer to take everything out.
I used to work with the wood carvers in Nepal,they would carve replicas of pagodas etc.Generations of them would follow in their parents footsteps.It is a big leap for them to become cabinet makers,but hey,your there and might as well go for it.What do they say?Good luck,Bob

No word yet from Sonus Faber.
Just looking to do an intricate but shallow carving pattern.