Display case for cartridges

Howdy folks-

I have 7 nice cartridges I'd like to get a display case for. I purchased a bunch of cheap Technics plastic overhang gauges to mount them on. I figure I'll get a piece of wood, glue the over hang gauges to it and place it in a display case. What is everyone else using???
An old box with a lid and kept in a closet. Phono cartridges aren’t exactly watches.
@celander  your comment isn't even worth entertaining. 

My question goes to the masses, those that appreciate their system, the journey and that amazing little instrument on the end of the arm like a Walter O. Stanton's 100. I'm thinking a nice cherry or oak case with glass display deep enough (4" or more) Can't seem to locate one but I'll keep looking. 

How about these?
@knollbrent      "  your comment isn't even worth entertaining."

this is a forum.....you have to expect little comments from members from time to time.           seems that you get all bent out of shape a little to easily.      
@toyo18 U must enlighten us! How do you store your carts? Do you have any? What carts do you have if any?  Do you trash them by storing them in old sneaker boxes or do you take deep pride in your system and it's components like most audiophiles do? Do you have a stereo or just like to troll Audiogon wasting peoples time with useless comments? 

Please do tell us. How do handle useless comments like yours? Do you ignore them like I usually do or with a quick reply?

Why would you say I'm bent out of shape? Have you seen me? Does my spine look crooked to you? Going on 50, I'm in excellent shape just like my stereo system and it's parts. 
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dont see why you are getting so defensive about cartridges ?  what difference does it make if I have some or I dont ?  but to answer your question, I do have a analog setup and at this time, I only have the need for one cartridge.   maybe later on I will have others ?         

 to answer your other question, I do have a setup and I take pride in my equipment just like anybody else would that spent a decent amount on it.

  I actually like the idea that you found to put yours in and plan on getting the same thing, as I have some memorabilia I would like to put in there.

you seem to take things a little to serious on here .    if a friend of yours happens to throw a smart comment at you are you going to ignore them as well like you do the members on this site ?    you have to roll with the punches on forums...and not just this one.

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