diy power cord: Shinyata black mamba

hello all, I'm trying to build a power cord myself. someone told me it's possible to build one that performs like shinyata black mamba, but don't know where to buy the wire. Can anyone help me? Thanks a lot in advance.
Buy 100' 30awg, silver or silver plated wire, ceramic plug's. Cut 90 wires of desired lenght. 30 wires place paralel (no twisting) inside heatshrink. Do the same with L and N(30 for L and 30 for N separate of course). Place all three heatshrinked wires inside larger heatshrink, conect to the plugs, and you are going to have as good as cord as any on the market!
in addition: it is going to be 30awg TEFLON isulated wire. is reasonable priced suplier.
Thanks L: Now, how does one terminate the 30 different 30 ga into a single IEC and outlet plug connectors? Even if one solders them together in my trials I've found I cannot fit them under the screws for the final connection. Help!!
You would need to use a wire crimper, and a good one. The web site noted above is probably "". Based on the sites price for the wire the PC would cost approx. $900.00 to make if it were 5" in length and would have very little resale value whether it cut the mustard or not.
Homegrown Audio sells 22 gauge, solid core, teflon insulated silver for $2.80/ft. 50+ ft would be $1.80/ft. I agree with Dekay, the cost would be too high for a DIY. At least using 30 gauge. With 22 ga., it would be cheaper. But still... You can find silver power cords from Delta, for $125-$200. I got one on this site, and it sounds the best of the cords I have(Synergistic, Coincident, Delta copper). It is 13 awg. Best for source components, but sounded great on my amp. If you really want a heavy gauge, silver DIY, I have a suggestion: Buy 8, 10, or 12 gauge silver wire(not sure of the purity, but may not be the highest) from a jewelry supply house. Last time I checked, 1 ounce was $8.95. 10 gauge is 2 feet/ounce, 12 gauge is 3 feet/ounce. Insert the wire in oversize teflon tubes(gives you an air dielectric), get some good connectors, and there you go. The wire cost would be $80.55 for a 6 foot long, 10 gauge power cord. You should probably also contact Kevin at HomeGrown Audio, to see if he can sell you the wire, with the teflon insulation. He may offer it at a good cost. Who knows? Good luck!
Djin, solder it! You do not need to screw it. 30 bares isn't very hard to work with. Regards!
Sorry for jumping so late here, but I thought I read on another thread on Audiogon that the PowerSnakes are made with Stranded Silver Tinned Teflon 10 AWG wire. I have used this type of wire in my DIY power cord with great success.