DIY TT platform Marble to Wood Changeover

I have a Basis TT without any suspension. It is wall mounted
using a steel bracket which was originally an amp stand. The shelf is white marble and separated from the rack with rubber strips at the 3 contact points.
The TT is isolated using 3 Clearaudio acrylic cone feet sitting on Vibrapods. This works pretty well but everything I read says marble is a no no for this application. My question is this. Does the marble really play into the sound if it is separated by the Vibrapod/cone feet? I would consider changing the shelf out to a birch board or butcher block. If so do I keep the cones and Vibrapods?
I would think that you should be fine with the current setup. I can't think of any reason why the Vibrapods' effectiveness would be hurt by using marble.
You are wayyyy overthinking the whole thing. Why do so many people on this site not trust there own ears and instincts? Instead they ask many trivial questions that are easily discoverable by using the search funtion or using their own ears and experience.

Nice equipment/room you have on your system page, btw. I have a similar set-up for my turntable,(blk and white marble with custom tip toes) and it sounds great!
I think you are correct sir. Over-thinking the whole thing.
But this is better than Under-thinking...would't you say?
I was really wanting to use that slab of marble to put on top of my sub but could always use another piece.
I need to update my photos too since everything has been changed.
I agree that thoughtful consideration of your options are important. Just don't expect to get the answers from others who may have different tastes and systems. I believe in trusting oneself/myself.

Since you have another use for the marble, (not mentioned earlier), I would go ahead and try another material of your choice so that you can satisfy your curiosity as to what differences you may hear. Best of luck to you!
I am pretty sure you will notice a change in sound if you replace the marble with another material. I don't have any experience with Vibrapods but I have certainly tried lots of other isolator materials, and while they impart their own sound to the system they still allow you to hear the effect of the material under the isolator. For what it's worth, I think marble is not a good material to use a base or platform in a hifi system. It has an unnatural coloration IMO.