DK-Girl In The Other Room, anyone heard it?

Hi Guys,

Thinking of buying the latest Diana Krall "Girl In The Other Room" CD. Has anyone heard it? Do you like it?
I've read the AMG review & as usual, they like it! Also read other reviews off the web & they all like it. However, I seem to put more faith in actual user/listener opinions. TIA.
Damn, I thought you were talking about a Dead Kennedys album I had somehow missed.

Er, nope... haven't heard it.
I think it is her best work yet. Her version of Temptation is great. I always liked one, maybe two songs off each of her last cd's, but this cd has a lot of nice material
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Just walk into any high-end audio store these days and you'll hear it. It's excellent. Song number 5 has some great drum work, and song number 9 really hits me in the gut.
I am a big D Krall fan, but I really do like it. I have it on SACD and the sound is great.
Of course! I saw her recently in concert too. If your familiar with her style and like it this one will not let you down. I've got her Girl in the Other Room LP on pre-order at Music Direct also.

Diana Krall on vinyl...oh man is that gonna be good!!
Do you think it will sound better on vinyl? I would think it is a digital master recording (DSD?) - so it won't ever get analog, even if pressed on vinyl...

I didn't buy it for that reason... I have it already on SACD...

Good point Arthur, maybe I spoke too soon. I need to double check to see what type of recording or transfer it is on the LP when I get it. Maybe my hopes were too high.
Saw her live on her tour in support of this release...I have it on SACD...and really like the album...but live was...well one of the best I have ever seen...just super.