do any wilson watt puppy 7 owners put isolation

Do do any wilson watt puppy 7 owners put isolation devices under the spikes of the wp7?

This would be directed to people I suppose that have hardwood floors like myself.

I am currently using inexpensive $30 discs sold by the store that sells the speakers but they are very thin and still have a tad too much base even though I use two spacers for the wp7.

I have tried all sort of placement positions for the speakers and have already treated the ceiling and wall behind the speakers and its a living room so don't have the option of adding more treatment products.


I have older series of Wilsons, along with oak flooring. I tried several different options and finally I made some 1/2 inch rosewood discs with a plug cutter on my drill press. No dents in the floor, not too much bass, Life is good.

Since then I have made several sets for different friends. Sounds like I sound make some and list them here?

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finite elemente cerabase / cerapucs are quite nice under my WP6s, and the wood floors are fine. ---cerabase is preferable for height adjustment, which cerapucs lack.

I use aurio classics under my AP Virgo 111s on a hardwood floor. Seems to stop them 'loading' my small room and usual comments are 'delicate' sounding which I think is complimentary with 250watts of Pass Labs.