Revel Salon2 vs Wilson Sasha

I'm interested in impressions from people who have auditioned both. Not really looking for what is 'better' (as it's all subjective anyway), but more for characteristics of each, where they are similar, where they differ, etc.
They are both very good they just have different sounds. I am not a fan of speakers that have more than one bass driver. At that price range I think the Avalon Eidolon is the most coherent and has the most correct bass. Avalons are extremely musical with all the information you can get with any speaker at just about any price. Most audio guys think that more is better. In the case for a single bass driver per speaker cabinet I like that you do not have bass drivers fighting each other. The timing is better. Case in point. It is very easy to find several people who have upgraded from the B&W 802Ns or 802Ds to the 801Ns or 801Ds and they will always say that the improvement is is huge using one bass driver over multiple drivers per enclosure. At that price you should listen to as many speakers as possible for as long as the dealer will let you and form your own opinion.
The Sasha's separate instruments much more and give much more air. They also have more energy and presence. Maybe not the most realistic sound compared to real live music, but thrillingly detailed and fun none the less.

The Salon 2's are very articulate and accurate with very good bass, but a bit boring IMO. Krell Evo amps mate well with the Salon 2's. Again IMO.
I heard both in the same room using the same front end equipment. The Salon II had very good bass and a big powerful sound. But they also sounded like a collection of drivers with little coherence, the soundstage was very flat, and the tweeters called attention to themselves. They also appeared to be more forward. After listening to only my first three audition songs, I didn't want to hear anymore from the Salons.

By comparison the Sashas were much more coherent, had better instrumental tone, and just drew me into the music.

Ian, knowing your struggles with your Sashas I would not suggest the Revels as a replacement.
Ian having read the comments so far, maybe it was a bad suggestion. I guess I was thinking of what I would look at in the range vs the Sasha which would be those along with Focal, Rockport and I've already expressed to you my growing obsession with TAD. Whatever you do, don't lose sight of the fact that this is supposed to be fun!
I have the Salon Ulitma 2 speakers driven by Esoteric K-01, REX preamp, Krell EVO-402e.
The speakers are the first I have heard that allow me to listen with complete pleasure at softer volume levels as well as play music at very realistic levels when called for (orchestra or choral music). They sound great with Jazz and Rock too, don't worry. I have no critical comments to offer as they just bring the music to life. If you are playing a bad recording, a bad mix, or a track with no real deep bass the speakers will reveal that. The give a very large sound stage, with no beaming or "you must site here to really enjoy the music" spots. I am listening in a 18x18 room with a 10 ft. ceiling. The room is very well damped.
I highly recommend them.

Additionally, they look gorgeous and fit in well with a furnished room.
Hello Madfloyd. I am playing for 17 years with Wilson speakers and Jadis front jp 80 and end ja 80. Wilson 5 with double speaker cable Siltech signature , this was much better than with the pupy tail,(less hot and more open). This was not possible with the Wilson 7(crossover is different). The seven was less hot in the tweeter than the 5 so I was playing with the original puppy tail and I love the 7 with Genalex kt 88 in the ja 80. I have now for one year the Sasha with 2000 hours playing, and the sound is to 500 hours (sharp and puny) has grown to an amazing sound. But my feeling was the 7 romantic in the middle and high, and I think that was because the lower impedance of the Sasha. (He asks more and the ja 80 eats kt 88 tubes). I have now for three month the new kt 120 in the ja 80, (with no problem with the tubes). And there is so much more power in the ja 80. The Sasha is now at level, solid core black bass, great mid and the high purity, and certainly not sharp, and he is singing. Regarding the Revel salon 2 this is not my taste I’m not getting hot or cold. Suggestion, Tidal audio contriva.
I am also looking to upgrade my aging B&W 801 III speakers and have been considering the Salons, 801D or Wilsons.
My system also consists of all Krell EVO 202/402e and 505 SACD.
Very interested in what you decide on.
Large hexagonal room, 800 sqft, with 16' high cathedral ceiling.
At this point I will probably stay with the Sashas. I know have them in a different room (wider with higher ceilings) and they sound quite different (very very good).
The revel salons are some of the most coherent multi driver speakers ever made, so I think any one here who says differently must be hearing something else wrong with their systems and not the revels. coherence of the drivers is just one of the things revel worked very hard on, and have more research and development in this area than wilson for sure.

Salons by a large margin IMO.
The Salons will a VERY transparent source of the material.
I'm big into revel/paradigm/psb speakers because of the fantastic measurements.
I found the Sasha's very capable but a tad bright and slightly constricked in both the systems I heard them in , for my tastes . The right power and lots of it might make them shine .
The Salon's seemed more natural and relaxed in comparison . Although they sounded fine with Levinson gear , they became almost magical with the fuller , warmer Vitus amps .
In-room Response Relative to Target Response 31Hz to 18kHz ±0.5dB remarkable flat response, very impressive. the wilson looks like a roller coaster in comparison.
this is, to again use the phrase, an extraordinarily smooth, flat response, especially when you consider that it was taken in an actual room rather than an anechoic chamber. As LG noted, the speaker offers full output down to below 20Hz. Turning to the time domain, the Salon2's step response on the tweeter axis (fig.9) indicates that all five drive-units are connected with the same positive acoustic polarity, and that each one's step smoothly hands over to that of the next lower in frequency, this correlating with the excellent frequency-domain integration of their outputs. The Revel's cumulative spectral-decay plot on the tweeter axis (fig.10) is superbly clean in the region covered by the tweeter
the Revel Ultima Salon2 offers superb measured performance. It is a pleasure to be able to measure such a well-engineered loudspeaker. JA , stereophile
I have listened to both and I like the Salon2 much better because it has a better sound stage. One can distinquish high/mid/low on the Salon2. For me, there is not thing unique aout Sasha, IMHO. I found B&W 800D or within 800 series are sound much better than Sasha. If you are seeking clear/transparency then you should audition for Focal Maestro. It's best to drive the Revel with Mark Levinson.
I have heard both speakers at least 3 times and for me, I would (and will) take the Sasha.

I have heard the Sasha's paired with VTL 450's, Boulder 1060,Audio Research REF 110 and REF 210, Lamm 1.2R, Dan D'Agostino's momentums and Ayre MXR's.

I have heard the Salon 2 with ML 532, Ayre MXR's and Audio Research DS450.

I heard them once side by side, with Audio Research and Ayre equipment, but the Sasha's driven by the REF 110 did not have enough down below and felt foreced (REF 210 is an excellent match) and I find Ayre gear way too bright for my tastes, so I draw no conclusion from that side by side session.
I have Aerial Mod 9's with Ayre MX-R, but considering moving to SalonII's after auditioning last week. I spoke to a former Revel dealer who thought the Sasha's were a clear winner (I've not heard). I was also considering different amps if I went Salon's and Voice2 center ...Levinson 533H, Pass X350.5, McIntosh MC303. Help on speakers and amps please.
Both speakers are very good. I have Salon 2s. I also like the Sashas.

I can listen to the Salon's all day without any fatigue. I drive them with ARC. Very pleased.

I think it will (yet again) essentially boils down to careful system matching.
Earlier this year, I accompanied my brother to rebuild his system. I got him to use my out-going Magico V3, but after 2months, he just wasn't too happy with the result, noting simply not enough juice for his Ref.150 to get the V3 to fully open up and get the bass going right.

So on we go a shopping spree..
Four different dealers, four different set-ups (within his budget) were scrutinized over a period of two weeks.

Results, in order of our preferences were :
1) Sasha (ARC Ref gears)
2) B&W 800D (Mark Levison)
3) Thiel 3.7 (All Mac Intosh)
4) Revel Salon2 (Krell Evo series)

Naturally, he came away buying the Sasha + the complete set of ARC Ref electronics--CD8, Ref.5, Ref.150, Siltech cabling, plus few Shunyata pc's. He was/is still elated with his new system, and I must say that it sounded very good!
In short, within the above system context, Sasha sounded the most balanced, full and alive, whereas to our ears, the Revel were a 'tad' tilted up at top, thin and lifeless.

However, a caveat, had all these been demo'ed under one roof where to mix and match components is a possibility, it might have resulted in different outcomes. But hey, isn't a dealer suppose to showcase their equipments at best (although admittedly, limited by brands they represent).
Amazing how one could read this thread and note no correlation between the preferences expressed. Not that this thread is any different than so many others on this forum.

When choosing very costly speakers, like in the $20K+ range, you eventually must listen for yourself, multiple times in different venues. Carry your own music. You may have to travel to hear them. (I did, to hear two of my alternatives.) I also recommend talking to the factory and getting listening venue recommendations from them. You'd be surprised how helpful they can be. (And if they're not I'd forget that brand.)

And unless $20K+ is not a significant sum of money for you, or you've artificially limited the field by biases, the decision process may not be easy. I agonized over the Sound Labs, and I still wonder if I should have chose them. I thought long and hard about the Linkwitz Orions too. Interesting how those choices aren't even mentioned in this thread, and I was so dismissive of the ones that are mentioned (after hearing them).

It seems like asking for advice about expensive speakers is about as effective as asking for advice about a mate. ;-)
Nice set up your brother selected. I have actually listened to that same combo and felt it was a super system. Very musical ensemble for sure.

I've had my Salon 2's for a month now and as every day goes by I am more amazed at how wonderful they sound.
I was able to audition them along side Sashas and a couple of other $20k+ speakers.
They all had strengths and weaknesses. Albeit minor. But I am so happy with my choice of the Revels.
It's great when you really are happy about a purchase and don't have those nagging what if feelings.
This is one of those times.
Coupled with my full EVO rig these babies get out of the way and let me hear real instruments playing music.
Truly magical.