Sensitivity wilson sophia 2 vs 3 ?

Hi! I had excellent sophia 2. I sold it 😥.
I would like to return to the Wilson world.

I wonder if the new sophia 3 is more sensitive? (i see 89db vs 87 for new S3 ? ) 


An extra 2DB of sensitivity is not going to make a pile of beans unless you are using a low powered SET. 



if you would look at the manual on page 53 it gives the speaker specs

@riley804 if you read my fisrt post you can see the manual info of sensitivity...

My doubt is that I read that many say that sophia 3 (87db) is more sensitive than 2 (89db) but not in the manuals



I wonder if the new sophia 3 is more sensitive? (i see 89db vs 87 for new S3 ? )

so when when reads that, it looks like  you are asking a question ( hence the ?) i provided the link to the  manual of the speaker and there you can see the sensitivity and the speaker specs.





not sure how including a link to the speaker specs / sensitivity so you can see for  yourself is not helpful ?


Why do you think the reduced by 2db sensitivity Is so critical? Are you concerned with your amplifier not being able to drive it?

Also, if you email Wilson Audio with your questions as to what the differences are and the particular amplifier you’re using, they will respond. I’ve had nothing but positive experience in my conversations with folks at Wilson Audio. 

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Personally, much prefer the latest gen wilsons and would happily give up 2 dB for the new treble balance. May not image the same way, but I can relax a lot more.