Do Ethernet cable Cat8 DH Labs need burn in

Do Cat8 Ethernet cable require burn in time. I connected 9m DH Labs Cat8 Ethernet cable yesterday with a Gigafoil and then 2m DH Labs Ethernet Cat8 to my Bridge II in my Directstream dac. Does this cable benefit from burn in time and does Gigafoil filter require burn in. It sounds good now but will it improve with play time?
Time is always good. Things settle, and sound better.  I like setting up a system that sounds good, because it only gets better..
Digital stuff not so much, that I've noticed. 

Analog, speakers IC, RCAs, and  XLRs depending on materials, can take a while to break in/ settle in, and sound their best. LOL Some never do..

I 've had that cable now for 6 months and can honestly say that I have not heard any changes over that time. But it did make an improvement right out of the box compared to the Amazon cable it replaced.
I'm not sure why you expect any change.  You're just sending data - changes in timing or voltage level (within reason) don't affect anything.

I’m not sure why you expect any change. You’re just sending data

>>>>>Well, yes and no...
Oh, you just reminded me. They’re directional. 🔜 Apologies in advance.
I don’t know if’s new power cables,new Directstream dac,Gigafoil filter or Ethernet cables but my streaming setup is sounding better all the time.