Do speaker cables really make a difference ?

Thinking about buying a different speaker cable. Do speaker cables really make a difference?


Yes... cables do make a difference... however price is not necessarily indicative of performance. 

I'm assuming you posted this intentionally to get a slew of responses- the equivalent of "likes" on other sites. 


Nope, not at all. I run my 15k amp with my 25k speakers with solid core bell wire I buy at Lowes. Sounds wonderful. 

If your system decent enough, you even will hear improvement from cleaning terminals of your speaker cables not only from upgrading them. 

Thanks for all the responses. I am thinking about trying Anti Cables speaker wire. It's very thin wire and unless they made the reviews up themselves, they are highly thought of by different users. Any thoughts on Anti Cables ?



When I got Magneplanar MG3s 38 years ago I replaced the 10 gauge Monster Cable (zip cord on steroids) with FMS 1810, much less copper, but designed with multiple thin solid core conductors like AQ, and these were 20+ foot runs. The increase in clarity heard through the ribbons was not subtle. Clearest case I ever heard for the audibility of cable changes. I now have Cardas Cygnus, Transparent Music Wave and Nordost Purple Flare all under 10 feet.  I’m using the Cardas but my hearing isn’t so good anymore.