Do Spectron Amps have faulty switching modulators?

I'm in the process of buying the new Musician 111 MK.2 ultra
with the upgrades but have been told by several Audiophiles
that their modulators are not reliable and break down suddenly. If this is true, is that a current problem or with
previous generation amps?
ID means Internet Direct....caused ill feelings by dealers... and people who bought from a dealer at a much higher price.
Did you contact Spectron before initiating this thread?

Seems to me that would have been the more prudent route.

Had you done that without a response this thread may have been better justified.

Manufactuers' reputations can be unfairly and/or unnecessarily damaged by irresponsible threads such as this.

Prudent? Definitely not without also checking with other users.
How often does a manufacturer NOT come clean on a systemic issue until his back is against the wall - think of all the auto recalls for a few examples. And then ONLY MAYBE!
I personally know of an audio mfr that was replacing power harnesses like crazy on one of their products years ago but never did they "admit" to a problem.
OTOH, a "former" dealer is hardly the definitive voice since most of the time the decision to drop a line (or, in this case, being dropped) has NOTHING to do with sound quality, design quality or build quality.
So a prudent audiophile should check all avenues (users, mfr. and dealers (past (with a BIG grain of salt) and present) before coming to a conclusion.
As an aside, I remember retail dealers who dropped the Von Schweikert speaker line after they began to sell direct. In a similar way they trashed the speakers and their designer. Funny how the internet has allowed the spread of "truth". Not saying that happened here but its hard to get any truth out of the internet these days, even here.
The Spectron website has been down for the past 2 minutes! I sent them an email 5 minutes ago and NO RESPONSE!!! I called 30 seconds ago AND GOT THE ANSWERING MACHINE!!!!! ARE THEY STILL IN BUSINESS!?!?!? WILL ALL SPECTRON AMPS EXPLODE TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT!?!?!?!?!? ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!